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Profile Picture Owen515 4/27/2024 5:19:18 AM

Just saw a video on the Enneagram and it got me thinking about my family dynamics. I'm not sure how to apply it yet. Anyone willing to share how they started this journey?

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Profile Picture Nora414 4/27/2024 3:34:35 AM

My partner suggested exploring the Enneagram to improve our co-parenting. We're both novices. Any advice on embarking on this journey together?

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Profile Picture Nora414 4/27/2024 3:15:13 AM

My friend introduced me to the Enneagram, saying it could help with understanding my kids better. It's all a bit much right now. Where should I start?

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Profile Picture Sapphire84 4/27/2024 1:28:11 AM

I've been told the Enneagram could help me understand my children's personalities better. As someone who just found out about it, I'm interested in simple steps to begin. What worked for you at the start?

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Profile Picture Polaris 4/27/2024 12:51:04 AM

I'm newly introduced to the Enneagram and keen on using it to better understand my family's dynamics. It's all quite new and a bit overwhelming. Could anyone share how to gently start this journey?

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Profile Picture SteveO 4/26/2024 11:27:22 PM

I'm trying to find out what Enneagram types my family members might be but feeling a bit lost. Has anyone else felt this way at the beginning? Any simple tips for starters?

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Profile Picture VelvetMystic87 4/26/2024 10:41:30 PM

I heard the Enneagram might be a key to smoother family life, but I'm just scratching the surface. Is there an 'Enneagram for Dummies' kind of guide that anyone would recommend to a complete beginner?

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Profile Picture Polaris 4/26/2024 10:18:44 PM

I've just stumbled upon the Enneagram and am intrigued by how it might help me understand my family better. Has anyone here started using it in their family life? I'd love to hear how you got started and what changes you noticed.

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Profile Picture Cooper 4/26/2024 9:01:20 PM

Excited but overwhelmed by the Enneagram concepts. Hoping it'll make a difference in parenting. Any simple starting points recommended by others who are also new?

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Profile Picture StarlitPath 4/26/2024 8:17:22 PM

I'm curious about how the Enneagram could help in dealing with daily parenting challenges. For those who were once newbies, how did you start applying Enneagram insights in practical terms?

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