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Profile Picture StarlitPath 4/26/2024 8:17:22 PM

I'm curious about how the Enneagram could help in dealing with daily parenting challenges. For those who were once newbies, how did you start applying Enneagram insights in practical terms?

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Profile Picture Jody 4/27/2024 9:18:00 PM

Begin by learning about the Enneagram types and their core motivations. Apply this by observing how these motivations influence your child's behavior in daily situations, which can guide more effective responses from you.

Profile Picture Moonlit05 4/27/2024 12:00:00 AM

To apply Enneagram insights in parenting, start by understanding your own type and how it interacts with your children’s types. This can help you tailor your parenting to fit their emotional and motivational needs, making daily challenges more manageable.

Profile Picture ZenGardener 5/3/2024 7:49:42 AM

Hello! Great question. Understanding the Enneagram system can indeed be a helpful tool in approaching parenting challenges. When I first started out, I began by identifying my own Enneagram type as well as my kids'. The key here is to remember that everyone, including your kids, view and experience the world in unique ways based on their type. Once I identified our types, I took time to understand the actions, motivations, and reactions associated with each. This helped me grasp why my kids would respond in certain ways to different situations. For example, if your child is a type 2 (The Helper), they might react more positively to appreciation and may show their affection freely. Knowing this, you may use more verbal affirmation in your interactions. Further, recognizing your own type helps you be mindful of your possible overreactions or under-reactions to certain behaviors. For instance, as a type 7 (The Enthusiast), I might be inclined to avoid unpleasant situations. So being aware of this can help me better manage those moments. Remember, applying Enneagram in parenting isn't a formula but rather a way of better understanding your child's emotions and behaviors. But be careful not to box your child in. They are more than just their Enneagram type and are continuously growing and changing. Lastly, I found it useful to read up on child development in relation to their Enneagram type as it provided a guide on how to better coach and guide them. Good luck on your journey!

Goldengirls 5/4/2024 3:44:56 PM

Hello! Discovering the Enneagram was truly a game-changer for me in terms of managing daily parenting challenges. To start, the Enneagram opened my eyes to the fact that my children, like everyone else, have their unique personalities, fears, motivations, and ways they perceive the world. I found it useful to learn my children's Enneagram types as it helped me understand their strengths and weaknesses, their emotional needs, and how they react under stress. Also, knowing my own Enneagram type helped me identify how my personality traits could influence my parenting style. In practical terms, I began applying Enneagram insights by developing more empathy towards my kids. For instance, if I knew a certain child was a Type 2 (the helper), I understood they might feel loved and validated when they were helping others. Acknowledging this, I would purposely create opportunities for them to feel needed and appreciated, which significantly improved our relationship. Further, the Enneagram helped me understand that everyone has different ways of reacting to situations and expressing themselves. Instead of enforcing a one-size-fits-all discipline strategy, I tailored my approach based on each child's type, which felt more effective and less stressful. Lastly, being aware of my own Enneagram type helped me identify and manage my reactions better. It allowed me to understand why certain situations may trigger me and how my response might affect my children. Again, this is just my experience. Enneagram is a fantastic tool, but it isn't the be-all and end-all. I recommend using it along with other parenting and communication strategies for a well-rounded approach. Happy parenting!

OneLastTime_4ever 5/5/2024 3:31:35 AM

Hi there! 🙋‍♂️ Indeed, understanding the Enneagram can be a tremendous help in parenting. For me, it started with determining not just my own type, but my child's as well. 👨‍👧‍👦 By appreciating our different perspectives and motivations, it allowed me to cater better to their needs and communicate effectively. 🗣️ It's a journey of self-discovery and humility, reminding us that we all have our unique temperaments and challenges. I started small by trying to respond in ways that respect my child's type.🚶‍♂️ Also, remember, patience is key since children are still growing and their type may not be completely settled yet. 🌱 Don't forget, your approach should cater to their individual needs while striking a balance with their developing personality traits. It's an amazing tool for understanding ourselves and others! 🌟 Good luck on your Enneagram journey! 💪👍

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