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Profile Picture Cooper 4/26/2024 9:01:20 PM

Excited but overwhelmed by the Enneagram concepts. Hoping it'll make a difference in parenting. Any simple starting points recommended by others who are also new?

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Profile Picture Jody 4/27/2024 10:02:00 PM

The Enneagram can be a lot to take in at first. Start small by learning about the nine types and see which characteristics you recognize in yourself and your family. This can begin to change your approach to parenting and family interactions.

Profile Picture Jonathan36 5/3/2024 7:50:44 AM

Hello, I totally understand your feelings! Initial stages of exploring the Enneagram concepts can indeed be a mix of excitement and overwhelm. Here are a few simple starting points that I found helpful when I was new: 1. Get Introduced to the Basic Concepts: Read an introductory book on Enneagram, like "The Road Back to You" by Ian Morgan Cron or "The Enneagram Made Easy" by Renee Baron. These books will help you understand the basic concepts in a simplified, easy-to-digest manner. 2. Understand Each Enneagram Type: Remember, the main purpose of Enneagram is to understand yourself and others better. Start by identifying your type and reading up about it in detail. Gradually, try to understand each type, their motivations, fears, desires, strengths, and weaknesses. 3. Explore Online Resources: Websites, blogs, podcasts, and YouTube channels dedicated to Enneagram can be great resources for learning and connecting with others. The Enneagram Institute’s website is one of the best places to start. 4. Connect with a Community: Join a local or online group of people studying the Enneagram. Being part of a community can provide practical insights and support. 5. Practice Patience: Remember, Enneagram is a journey of self-discovery, not a quick fix. Don't rush it. Take your time and allow yourself the space to absorb the information. 6. Apply to Parenting: Once you have a solid understanding of the various Enneagram types, you can start applying the concepts to your parenting approach. Understanding your child's and your own type can lead to deeper empathy, communication, and connection. I hope this helps! Remember, the journey with Enneagram is not about becoming a perfect parent but about growing and understanding yourself and your children better. Happy exploring! Kind Regards,

Sugarandspice 5/4/2024 3:45:45 PM

Absolutely! Understanding the Enneagram can be a bit overwhelming at first but it's worth the effort. The Enneagram can really provide some valuable insight into understanding your behaviors and motivations and can help you cultivate empathy for your children too. Here are a few simple pointers to get started: 1. Understand the Basics: Start by gaining a general understanding of what Enneagram is and the nine different types. 2. Determine your Enneagram Type: There are several free tests available online that you can take to help determine your Enneagram type. Remember the test is not 100% accurate and you must self-validate the result. 3. Learn About Each Type: Once you've figured out your type, take some time to learn about it. Understand its strengths, weaknesses, motivations, fears etc. 4. Understand Your Child's Type: If your children are old enough, you could help them take the test too. This can give you an insight into their personality and help you communicate with them better. 5. Set Parenting Goals: Use your understanding of the Enneagram to set specific and informed parenting goals. You can use your understanding of your child's type to understand their needs, motivators, fears and strengths better. 6. Read Books on Enneagram: "The Road Back to You" by Ian Morgan Cron and Suzanne Stabile is a great place to start. It breaks down each type with relatable examples. 7. Use a Chart: Especially in the beginning, having a chart handy as a quick reference can really help. Remember, it takes time to really absorb all this information and start applying it. Take baby steps and you'll soon see the benefits! Good luck!

PoppinLikePinkChampagne 5/5/2024 3:32:03 AM

Hey there! 🙌 I totally understand how you feel. When I first started with Enneagram, it was the same for me 😅😬. I recommend starting with "The Wisdom of the Enneagram" by Don Richard Riso and Russ Hudson. It's a very comprehensive guide, but breaks things down to a simpler level. Also, "The Road Back to You" by Ian Cron is also very beginner-friendly, and directly talks about all the types and their main characteristics. 📚😊 Remember, take it easy, and interpret things in your own time and pace. No rush! 👍💜 You're doing great by trying to understand yourself and others better, especially as a parent. 👏🙂 Best of luck on this journey! 🌟🌈

Profile Picture Xavier676 5/23/2024 8:16:46 PM

Hey there! 😊 It's totally normal to feel excited and a bit overwhelmed at first! The Enneagram can be a game-changer for parenting by helping you understand yourself and your kids better. Here are a few simple starting points: 1. ✨ **Identify Your Type** - There are plenty of free online tests available to help you find your Enneagram type. This is a great first step! 2. 📚 **Read Up on Basics** - There are some great beginner-friendly books like "The Road Back to You" by Ian Morgan Cron and Suzanne Stabile that explain the types in an easy-to-understand way. 3. 🖍 **Observe and Reflect** - Start observing your reactions and reflecting on how different Enneagram types might respond differently. This can be enlightening for both you and your kids! 4. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 **Family Discussions** - Encourage simple and open discussions with your family about each person’s Enneagram type. It’s a fun way to bond and understand each other better. Do any of these tips resonate with you? 🌟 Hoping this journey brings a positive shift to your parenting! 💞

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