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Profile Picture Brandy 4/26/2024 6:36:26 PM

Just discovered the Enneagram and it sounds like it could offer some insights into parenting. I’m not sure where to start though. Any tips for a newbie on applying it in a practical way?

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Profile Picture Paige616 4/26/2024 5:29:01 PM

The Enneagram and Managing Parental Expectations: How can the Enneagram help parents manage their expectations of their children and themselves? Share insights on navigating parental pressures.

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Profile Picture Jody 4/26/2024 5:28:22 PM

Curiosity piqued by the Enneagram but not sure how to apply it to my family life. It seems like there's a lot to learn. Where did you all start, and how did you make it practical for daily life?

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Profile Picture Wanderlust66 4/26/2024 4:26:51 PM

Enneagram newbie here, looking for tips on how to apply its principles to daily family interactions. Has anyone found a straightforward approach or resource they found helpful when starting out?

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Profile Picture TerraExplorer 4/26/2024 4:01:15 PM

I find the depth of the Enneagram both fascinating and a bit overwhelming as a newcomer. Integrating this wisdom into my family life seems like a big step. How did you start without feeling swamped by the information?

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Profile Picture Nora414 4/26/2024 3:07:06 PM

Diving into the Enneagram world today with the hope of enhancing my parenting skills. The amount of information out there is a bit daunting. Where do most people start with understanding it?

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Profile Picture Cooper 4/26/2024 10:47:00 AM

I was looking for ways to better connect with my teenager and stumbled upon the Enneagram. Completely new to this and a bit daunted. What’s the best way to get started without getting overwhelmed?

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Profile Picture Polaris 4/26/2024 9:45:59 AM

Just encountered the term 'Enneagram' in a parenting group today and it caught my attention. It's supposed to help understand family better, right? Where do folks usually start with this?

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Profile Picture Missme78 4/26/2024 7:41:59 AM

Trying to use the Enneagram to better understand my children’s needs. It's all new to me. Where do beginners like us even start with applying it?

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Profile Picture Equinox79 4/26/2024 6:18:33 AM

I'm completely new to the Enneagram but eager to learn how it can help with parenting. It seems overwhelming. Where do you even begin with applying it in family life?

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