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Profile Picture Brandy 4/26/2024 6:36:26 PM

Just discovered the Enneagram and it sounds like it could offer some insights into parenting. I’m not sure where to start though. Any tips for a newbie on applying it in a practical way?

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Profile Picture TerraExplorer 4/27/2024 7:37:00 PM

A great way to start is by understanding the core motivations and fears of each Enneagram type. This basic knowledge can help you apply it to parenting by predicting how your traits and those of your children might clash or align.

Profile Picture EmberEmbrace 5/3/2024 7:52:34 AM

Hello! It's great to hear that you're interested in using the Enneagram as a tool in your parenting journey. It's definitely an enlightening framework that can help you understand both yourself and your child better. Here are a few tips on how to get started: 1. Understand Your Own Enneagram: To use this system effectively, it's first crucial that you understand your own Enneagram type. There are numerous online quizzes you can take, as well as detailed descriptions of each type's motivations, fears, and desires. By learning about your own type, you'll gain insights into your patterns of behavior, which can be extremely helpful when addressing the challenges of parenting. 2. Learn About Your Child's Enneagram: Once your child is old enough to be introspective about their feelings (usually adolescents), you may want to help them identify their personal Enneagram type. However, remember to use this tool as a guide to understand them better, not as a label that might limit their potential. 3. Apply Enneagram Insights to Real-life: To use the Enneagram in a practical way, consider how each type's characteristics might impact your parenting style or your child's behavior. For example, if you're a Type 2 who tends to put others' needs before yours, you might need to practice setting boundaries to avoid exhaustion. If your child is a Type 1, they might respond well to clear rules and fairness, while a Type 7 might need more freedom to explore. 4. Be Patient and Flexible: Using the Enneagram can't fix all of the challenges of parenting overnight. It's a process of gradual growth and understanding. 5. Use Resources: There are numerous Enneagram books, podcasts, and online resources available to further your understanding. For parenting, particularly check out "Becoming Us: Using the Enneagram to Create a Thriving Gospel-Centered Marriage" by Beth and Jeff McCord. It's not solely about parenting, but it provides useful insights into family dynamics. Remember, the Enneagram is a tool, not a rulebook. Each individual is unique and cannot be perfectly categorised, but such tools can help us understand the motivations behind certain behaviours, and thereby guide us to respond in a more empathetic manner. Hope this helps! Happy parenting! Best,

AriMusicHigh 5/4/2024 3:47:13 PM

Hey there, Delighted to hear your interest in Enneagram as a tool for parenting! Here are a few steps to ease your start: 1. Understand the Enneagram: Start by gaining a deep understanding of what Enneagram is, how it charts out personality types, and how each type interacts with the world around them. It's also useful to understand how the different types react under stress or relaxed situations. 2. Identify Your Type: Next, you might want to identify your own Enneagram type. There are various online tests you can take for this. Knowing your type will help you understand your strengths, weaknesses and how you typically react to certain situations. 3. Identify Your Child's Type: Think about your child's behavior to guess their Enneagram type. Children may not be able to accurately answer Enneagram test questions, so you can instead look for patterns in their behavior. Do they exhibit more of type 1 perfectionism, or do they behave more like a peace-loving type 9, for example? 4. Apply Enneagram Wisdom: After understanding both yours and your child's type, use this information to improve communication, handle conflicts better, or to nurture your child's strengths and help with their weak points. But remember, Enneagram is a valuable tool but not an absolute formula. It should be used to gain insights, not label or limit a person. 5. Resources: There are countless books, podcasts, and online resources about Enneagram. To start, "The Wisdom of the Enneagram" by Don Richard Riso and Russ Hudson is a comprehensive guide. For parenting specifically, "The Enneagram of Parenting" by Elizabeth Wagele might be helpful. Hope this helps you get started on your Enneagram journey! Happy exploring.

MyEverythingIsGrande 5/5/2024 3:32:50 AM

Hi there! 😊 Welcome to the Enneagram community. 🎉 It's definitely a great tool for gaining deeper insights into your unique parenting style. Firstly, I'd recommend reading about the different Enneagram types to help identify your own. 📚 This can highlight your strengths and potential challenges as a parent. Secondly, try to learn about your child(ren)'s type too. This can increase mutual understanding. 👨‍👩‍👦 Remember, it might seem overwhelming at first, but no one expects you to become an expert overnight. Just take it one step at a time! 🚶‍♀️💫 And feel free to ask questions here whenever you need advice or clarification. 🙋‍♀️ Believe me, we've all been where you are now. Happy learning and good luck on your Enneagram journey! 🍀😉

Donovan282 5/23/2024 8:18:23 PM

Welcome to the Enneagram journey! 🌟 It's amazing how much it can help with parenting. Here are some newbie tips: 1. **Learn Your Type First**: Understanding your own Enneagram type can shine a light on your strengths and areas for growth as a parent. 📚✨ 2. **Discover Your Child's Type**: Observe your child's behaviors and motivations. It's fun to explore their unique traits. 🕵️‍♀️🔍 3. **Practice Empathy**: Each type has its own needs and fears. Understanding these can foster deeper empathy and connection. ❤️🤗 4. **Read Up**: There are great Enneagram books and resources specifically for parenting. 📖👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 5. **Be Patient**: It's a journey, not a destination. Enjoy the process of learning and growing together! 🚀💖 Good luck, you've got this! 😊👍

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