Enneagram Type 1 in the Workplace


Enneagram Type 1, known as "The Reformer," is characterized by a strong sense of ethics, a commitment to improvement, and a detail-oriented mindset. In the workplace, these individuals often embody the ideals of integrity, responsibility, and excellence. Their natural inclination towards order and structure makes them valuable in environments that require precision, discipline, and a high standard of quality.

Key Strengths:


Workplace Relationships:

With Colleagues: Type 1s are reliable but may need to work on being more open to others' methods and ideas.
With Management: They respect authority but expect the same level of integrity and commitment they give.
As Managers: They are fair and ethical leaders but may need to be mindful of being overly rigid or demanding.

Career Development:

To thrive in their careers, Type 1s should focus on embracing flexibility, managing stress, and cultivating compassion.

Ideal Roles:


Enneagram Type 1s bring a unique set of strengths to the workplace, characterized by their dedication to excellence, strong ethical compass, and attention to detail. While they face challenges like perfectionism and resistance to change, their contributions can be immensely valuable in various roles. With a focus on personal growth areas such as flexibility and stress management, Type 1s can not only succeed but also inspire and lead with integrity and purpose.

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