Enneagram Type 1 as a Parent

Comprehensive Overview

Enneagram Type 1 parents, known as "The Reformers," exhibit a profound commitment to ethics, responsibility, and a discernible sense of moral clarity. They tirelessly work towards cultivating a foundation of values and integrity within their offspring, setting lofty expectations while simultaneously crafting a structured and methodical family milieu.

Targeted Parenting Strategies for Enneagram Type 1 Parents with Diverse Enneagram Type Children

Specialized Parenting Strategies for Enneagram Type 1 Parents of Teenagers with Various Enneagram Types


Type 1 parents are inherently driven to mold principled, conscientious individuals. They are naturally adept at establishing order and consistency, yet they should strive to infuse their parenting approach with greater emotional warmth and adaptability. Embracing and celebrating the distinct traits and qualities of each child fosters a nurturing, well-rounded family dynamic.

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