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The Enneagram and Astrology are systems that were developed by the ancients to help people navigate life by providing insights and guidance. While most everyone is familiar with Astrology and some people are familiar with the Enneagram, what most people are unaware of is that these systems were meant to be combined in order to provide holistic understanding and advice to navigate the journey of life. EnneagramZoom is the only service that provides detailed astrological insights based on both your Enneagram type and your zodiac sign.

Our service uses the exact planetary positions as they traverse the skies in combination with your Enneagram type to create a detailed daily horoscope that gives you the guidance that you need to be your very best. To discover your Enneagram type, take the free test now and then use the type provided in your results in combination with your Zodiac sign to retrieve your horoscope by making the correct selections above.

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