Enneagram Type 7 in the Workplace


Enneagram Type 7, known as "The Enthusiast," often brings a sense of optimism, energy, and creativity to the workplace. Type 7s are characterized by their desire for variety, adventure, and new experiences. They are quick thinkers, adaptable, and enthusiastic, often injecting a sense of fun and possibility into their work environment.

Key Characteristics


Growth and Development

Interpersonal Relationships

In the workplace, Type 7s are generally well-liked and bring a positive dynamic to teams. They excel in roles that involve collaboration and brainstorming but may need to work on listening and being present in more routine or detailed discussions.

Workplace Behavior

Type 7s thrive in fast-paced, dynamic environments where they can utilize their creativity and innovation. They excel in roles that allow for flexibility, variety, and the exploration of new ideas.


Type 7s, as "The Enthusiasts," bring a unique blend of optimism, energy, and creativity to the workplace. Their growth involves embracing deeper engagement with tasks, commitment, and handling challenging aspects of work. Balancing their need for variety with focus and persistence allows Type 7s to fully realize their potential in their professional lives.

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