Enneagram Type 7 as a Parent


Enneagram Type 7 parents, often known as "The Enthusiasts" or "The Adventurers," bring a sense of spontaneity, positivity, and a love for adventure to their parenting style. They aim to raise happy and optimistic children.

Enneagram Type 7 Parenting Dynamics

Dynamic Parenting Strategies for Enneagram Type 7 Parents of Teenagers

Final Reflections

Enneagram Type 7 parents infuse their family life with an infectious spirit of spontaneity, unwavering positivity, and a boundless appetite for adventure. By artfully blending their innate enthusiasm with the lessons of responsibility, they teach their children the importance of embracing both the joys and the commitments of life. This approach fosters a family atmosphere brimming with happiness, optimism, and a shared love for the journey ahead.

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