Enneagram Type 6: The Loyalist


Enneagram Type 6, known as "The Loyalist," is characterized by their dedication, reliability, and strong sense of duty. Driven by a need for security, they excel in risk assessment and planning. While loyal and committed, their underlying anxiety can sometimes lead to indecision or skepticism.

Key Characteristics

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Growth and Development

Enneagram Type 6: Growing Up


Enneagram Type 6 Child

During childhood, Enneagram Type 6 individuals often display a heightened sense of caution and awareness of their surroundings. They may have shown tendencies to question and seek reassurance from adults, looking for structure and guidance. Type 6 children can be loyal and obedient but also prone to worry and insecurity, seeking safety and predictability in their environment.

Teenage Years

Enneagram Type 6 Teen

In their teenage years, Type 6s might grapple with trust and authority issues, questioning the world and people around them. They often seek stable relationships and structures to feel secure. Their tendency towards caution and preparedness can manifest in a responsible, but sometimes anxious, approach to life's challenges.

Young Adulthood

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As young adults, Type 6s often focus on finding stability in their personal and professional lives. They might pursue careers that offer security and structure. This period can involve balancing their inherent caution with taking necessary risks for growth. Developing trust in themselves and others is a key aspect of their maturation.

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Interpersonal Relationships

Type 6s are loyal and committed in relationships, forming long-lasting bonds. They are protective and supportive family members but might struggle with doubt and anxiety in relationships.Learn more about Type 6s in Relationship.

Workplace Behavior

In the workplace, Type 6s are collaborative, supportive, and committed. They excel in roles requiring risk management and are conscientious leaders, although sometimes challenged by decisiveness.Learn more about Type 6s at Work.

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Type 6s bring a sense of loyalty, responsibility, and duty to their lives. Their journey involves managing anxiety, developing trust, and embracing flexibility. Balancing cautiousness with adaptability enables them to confidently navigate life's uncertainties.