Enneagram Type 6 in the Workplace


Enneagram Type 6, known as "The Loyalist," is characterized by their reliability, commitment, and risk-awareness in the workplace. They are often driven by a need for security and stability, making them diligent and cautious employees. Type 6s excel in roles that require problem-solving and contingency planning.

Key Characteristics


Growth and Development

Interpersonal Relationships

In the workplace, Type 6s are often seen as team players, valuing collaboration and offering support. They can benefit from open communication and supportive relationships with colleagues and superiors.

Workplace Behavior

Type 6s thrive in roles that involve planning, analysis, and problem-solving. They are valuable in teams where their insight into potential risks and loyalty to the group can be fully utilized.


Type 6s, as "The Loyalists," bring a sense of commitment, reliability, and thoroughness to the workplace. Their growth involves embracing confidence, adaptability, and a positive outlook to balance their risk-aware nature and contribute effectively in their roles.

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