Enneagram Type 3: The Achiever in the Workplace


Enneagram Type 3, known as "The Achiever," is often driven by a need for success, recognition, and excellence in the workplace. They are adaptable, efficient, and excel in environments that recognize and reward their achievements. Type 3s are goal-oriented and often inspire their colleagues with their energy and drive.

Key Characteristics

Challenges in the Workplace

Growth and Development

Interpersonal Relationships

As team members, Type 3s are high achievers but need to be mindful of their competitive nature. As leaders, they are charismatic and capable of motivating others, but should strive for genuine connections.

Workplace Behavior

Type 3s excel in high-pressure situations, bringing energy and focus. They respond well to positive feedback but may need to develop resilience to constructive criticism.

Famous Type 3s

Infamous Type 3s


Enneagram Type 3s, with their focus on success and efficiency, can be highly effective in the workplace. Their journey involves finding balance, embracing authenticity, and learning to view failures as growth opportunities.

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