Enneagram Type 3 as a Parent


Enneagram Type 3 parents, "The Achievers," are goal-oriented and driven, often encouraging their children towards success and achievement. They are active, involved, and set high expectations, aiming to provide ample opportunities for their children's success.

Strategies for Enneagram Type 3 Parents in Nurturing Different Enneagram Type Children

Effective Parenting Techniques for Enneagram Type 3 Parents of Teenagers

Final Thoughts

Parents characterized by the dynamic and goal-driven nature of Enneagram Type 3 bring a unique blend of zest and aspiration to their parenting style. Their journey involves the delicate art of harmonizing their lofty expectations with the nurturing of their children's distinct identities and emotional landscapes. By prioritizing the celebration of inherent qualities and fostering an atmosphere of candid dialogue, these parents can cultivate a family environment brimming with support, understanding, and mutual respect.

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