Enneagram Type 2 in the Workplace


Enneagram Type 2, often referred to as "The Helper," is characterized by their innate desire to be needed and appreciated in their work environment. These individuals are inherently people-oriented, empathetic, and nurturing, making them valuable team members in any workplace setting. Their primary motivation is to be recognized as helpful, supportive, and indispensable.

Key Characteristics

Challenges in the Workplace

Growth and Development

Workplace Relationships

Type 2s usually create strong bonds with their peers, being known for their supportive nature and ability to listen. They are effective in team collaboration and often work towards ensuring a harmonious work environment.

Ideal Work Environments

Type 2s thrive in environments where teamwork and collaboration are emphasized, and where their efforts are acknowledged. They prefer roles that involve direct interaction with people and benefit from a workplace culture that values and recognizes their contributions.

Navigating Challenges

Learning to prioritize tasks and developing resilience against perceived underappreciation are crucial for Type 2s. Maintaining a healthy work-life balance is also important, as is the ability to handle workplace conflicts constructively.


Enneagram Type 2s bring a unique and valuable set of qualities to the workplace, characterized by their empathy, dedication to teamwork, and innate desire to support and nurture others. By learning to set healthy boundaries, seeking internal validation, and balancing their emotional involvement, Type 2s can achieve both personal satisfaction and professional success.

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