Enneagram Type 2 as a Parent


Enneagram Type 2 parents, affectionately known as "The Helpers," embody the essence of nurturing and compassion. With hearts as wide as the horizon, they are deeply in tune with their children's emotional landscapes, dedicating themselves to fostering a nurturing environment that prioritizes their offspring's happiness and overall well-being. These devoted parents are known for their unwavering support, often extending themselves beyond the call of duty to ensure their children feel loved, understood, and cared for in every possible way.

Compassionate Parenting Strategies for Enneagram Type 2 Parents

Empathetic Strategies for Enneagram Type 2 Parents Raising Teenagers


Parents who embody the qualities of the Enneagram Type 2 are the epitome of love and devotion within the family unit. They possess an innate ability to nurture and care, creating a warm and welcoming home environment that’s brimming with affection. However, the true art for these caring parents lies in striking a harmonious balance between their instinct to nurture and the necessity of fostering independence among their children. It's crucial for them to encourage their youngsters to embark on personal journeys of self-discovery, thereby cultivating self-reliance and individual identities. This delicate equilibrium between offering unwavering support and allowing room for autonomy is the cornerstone of a thriving and healthy family dynamic.

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