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Profile Picture Owen515 4/19/2024 11:25:39 AM

New here and pretty sure I’m a Type 9. I value harmony a lot, but sometimes feel I’m too passive. How do other 9s assert themselves in relationships without fearing they’ll rock the boat too much?

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Profile Picture Paige616 4/19/2024 8:50:44 AM

Type 7 here, and all about fun and adventure. But sometimes I wonder if I’m too much for the more grounded types. How do you find balance in a relationship when your partner is, let’s say, a Type 5?

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Profile Picture Cooper 4/18/2024 6:25:28 PM

Just uncovered I’m likely a Type 5, all about that knowledge life. But intimacy can be a bit challenging. How do you open up to someone when you’re used to being in your head all the time?

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Profile Picture Chris303 4/18/2024 6:15:00 PM

Sup, Enneagram enthusiasts! Just started exploring this whole personality thing and think I might be a Type 8. Always been the assertive type, you know, not afraid to speak my mind. But sometimes, I worry this strong personality of mine might intimidate potential partners. How do you find someone who can handle your intensity? Or should I tone it down a bit? It’s like I’m torn between being true to myself and not scaring people away. Any other Type 8s grappling with this?

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Profile Picture Celestine 4/18/2024 5:40:40 PM

Learning I might be a Type 9 and really valuing harmony in my relationships. But sometimes, I feel like I lose my own voice. How do other 9s make sure they’re heard without causing waves?

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Profile Picture SteveO 4/18/2024 3:40:55 PM

Hey, just found out about this Enneagram stuff and thinking I might be a Type 2. I always put others first, but does that ever scare people away, thinking it’s too much? How do you balance caring with giving space?

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Profile Picture AuroraSeeker 4/18/2024 1:50:50 PM

Recently found out I might be a Type 3 and it’s got me thinking about how I approach relationships. I’m all for achieving and being seen as successful, but does that drive ever get in the way of building genuine connections? Sometimes I worry that I’m too focused on how the relationship looks from the outside rather than how it feels on the inside. How do other Type 3s navigate the need for achievement with the need for authentic, deep relationships? Looking for guidance on how to not let my ambition cloud what’s truly important.

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Profile Picture Quinn717 4/18/2024 9:55:55 AM

Just starting to learn about the Enneagram and it’s fascinating. As a Type 2, I’m all about caring for others, but how do you make sure you’re not overdoing it? Do some types appreciate it more than others?

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Profile Picture Jonathan36 4/17/2024 7:35:39 PM

Figuring out I might be a Type 9 and wondering how that affects conflict in relationships. Do you find yourself always the one compromising? How do you assert your needs without feeling guilty?

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Profile Picture Dana404 4/17/2024 7:00:00 PM

Hey folks! Just stumbled upon this Enneagram thing and I’m intrigued. I think I might be a Type 7 – always seeking fun and adventure, you know? But I’ve noticed that my constant need for excitement sometimes leaves my partner feeling like they can’t keep up. It’s like I’m on this perpetual rollercoaster, but they just want a quiet night in. How do other Type 7s balance their thirst for adventure with their partner’s need for stability? Any tips on making it work without sacrificing the fun?

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