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Bella202 4/24/2024 11:55:50 AM

Anyone else a Type 3 and struggle with being seen as too competitive or ambitious by your partner? How do you show that there’s more to you than just your achievements?

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Profile Picture StarlitPath 4/24/2024 11:40:40 AM

Type 7 here, loving life and all its adventures. But, curious, how do other 7s handle serious relationship talks without feeling cornered? Is there a trick to balancing spontaneity and depth?

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Profile Picture Equinox79 4/24/2024 11:20:33 AM

Hey all! Just dipping my toes into Enneagram waters. If I’m a Type 8, does that mean I’m doomed to butt heads in relationships? How do 8s keep things smooth without losing their assertiveness?

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Profile Picture Cooper 4/24/2024 10:50:45 AM

I’m pretty sure I’m a Type 3, always pushing myself to be the best, but I’ve started to wonder how this impacts my relationships. Does the constant drive for achievement and recognition ever make it hard to connect on a deeper level? Sometimes I feel like I might be too focused on my goals and not enough on the people around me. How do other Type 3s ensure their relationships don’t take a back seat to their ambitions?

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Lucy212 4/23/2024 8:15:55 PM

Type 1s and their quest for perfection – how does that play out in relationships? Do you find it tricky when your partner doesn’t share your attention to detail or does it balance out somehow?

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Profile Picture VelvetMystic87 4/23/2024 7:05:50 PM

Just figuring out I might be a Type 4, and it’s been eye-opening, especially understanding my relationships. I’ve always felt things deeply and sought connections that are genuine and intense. But it feels like a double-edged sword sometimes. How do other 4s manage to not let their emotions run the show? I want to share how I feel and connect on a deep level, but I’m scared of being too much or getting hurt. Any advice on how to protect your heart but still be open to deep connections?

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Profile Picture Franchesca 4/23/2024 6:45:45 PM

Digging into the Enneagram and thinking I might be a Type 4. The intensity of emotions and the desire for authenticity in relationships is something I deeply connect with. But it’s also kind of scary? Like, how do you open up and be real without overwhelming someone who might not be on the same wavelength? It’s this fear of being too much or maybe not enough. Would love to hear how other Type 4s navigate the waters of relationships without losing themselves or scaring off their partners.

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Profile Picture Jessie1989 4/23/2024 3:55:33 PM

So, anyone else here a Type 7 finding it tricky to stick to commitments because you crave variety? How do you balance that need for freedom without hurting your relationships?

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Kyle111 4/23/2024 3:50:55 PM

As someone leaning towards Type 2, always in helper mode, but sometimes I worry it’s too much. How do 2s make sure they’re not overstepping in their eagerness to support their partners?

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Profile Picture EmberEmbrace 4/23/2024 1:30:00 PM

Hey all, diving into the Enneagram as a Type 7 has been eye-opening! I’ve always been the one seeking adventures and fearing missing out, but I’ve started to wonder how this impacts my long-term relationships. Balancing my love for spontaneity with the need for deeper connections is challenging. Sometimes, I worry my need for excitement might make me seem unreliable or non-committal, which isn’t the case. I genuinely crave lasting bonds and meaningful experiences but get anxious about the routine that often comes with it. How do fellow Type 7s manage this? Is it possible to quench this thirst for variety without sacrificing the richness of committed relationships? I’m all ears for tips on maintaining enthusiasm for life while building stable, loving relationships. It’s a puzzle I’m still trying to solve.

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