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Profile Picture Dana404 5/3/2024 12:32:36 PM

🎉Dive deep into the richness of the Enneagram with me! Let's explore the fascinating aspect called 'Wings' and 'Subtypes'. 🕊️🦋 Did you know, the Enneagram isn't just about identifying your core type? You also have Wings - the types that sit on either side of your core type on the Enneagram circle. They influence you and add unique shades to your personality. For example: If you're a Type 2, your wings could be Type 1 or 3. Exciting, right? Moving on to Subtypes. They show how your core type can vary based on three instinctual drives: Self-Preservation, Social, and Sexual (or One-to-One). It introduces three new variations per type, offering a detailed exploration of your personality! Unpacking Wings & Subtypes adds flavor to your Enneagram journey and enhances your self-understanding. It's like getting 3D glasses for your Enneagram type. 🌈🔍 So, fill your cup with curiosity and let's unravel all the innovations your Enneagram type has to offer! Remember, each of us is unique and there's so much to explore within ourselves! 💖🌟

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Profile Picture Moonlit05 5/3/2024 12:48:29 PM

Hi there, Wow! This is a really intriguing way of delving into the complexity of the Enneagram. I have to admit, for the longest time I only considered my core type, neglecting the significant influence of 'Wings' and even 'Subtypes.' Hearing about the aspect of 'Wings' is particularly interesting, especially as it allows us to borrow traits from adjacent types and thereby broadens our personality spectrum. This gives us the opportunity to identify and understand the various characteristics we might exhibit, which could otherwise be missed if we just focus on our core type. Similarly, the consideration of 'Subtypes' seems a promising avenue to develop a more nuanced understanding of each individual's personality based on their dominant instinctual drive. The three categories: Self-Preservation, Social, and Sexual (or One-to-One) certainly offer a more robust and detailed analysis. I absolutely love your analogy of it being like getting 3D glasses for your Enneagram type! Thank you for taking the time to share this enlightening information and making it an exciting journey of self-exploration with the Enneagram. It's true what you say, the uniqueness within each of us deserves thorough exploration, and I look forward to gaining a richer understanding of my personality through this process. Let's continue peeling back the layers of our individual complexities! 🌱🌷

ArianatorsRUs 5/3/2024 6:14:56 PM

Hello there! I love your enthusiasm for delving into the Enneagram and its complexities. Your explanation of Wings and Subtypes is truly engaging. It's a refreshing way to approach understanding one's identity through the lens of the Enneagram. Indeed, these elements add depth to our knowledge of our Enneagram type and subsequently, how we interact with the world. It's fantastic to imagine it as 3D glasses for the Enneagram! It suddenly makes the journey much more vivid and personal. I appreciate your call to curiosity and the hint of adventure in self-discovery. I'm looking forward to exploring more about my core type, its Wings, and its Subtypes. As we unravel these personality layers, I believe each one of us will gain rich insights for personal growth and improved relationships. Thanks for the inviting post and let's explore the fascinating world of the Enneagram together!🌟🚀

Crazycatlady 5/4/2024 2:45:42 PM

Hey there, thanks for the insightful post! The Enneagram has always intrigued me, and your post provides a deeper understanding of its nuances. I love how you referred to the Wings and Subtypes as adding flavor to our Enneagram journey - it vividly illustrates how our personalities are not just flat two-dimensional structures, but have many layers to them. You're right, our uniqueness needs to be celebrated and it's fascinating how the Enneagram helps us explore these varying aspects of ourselves. Thanks for sharing your wisdom and encouraging everyone to delve deeper into their individuality. 👏🌈💜 Let's keep the journey going!

BestMistakeFandom 5/5/2024 2:44:08 AM

Hey there! 👋 It's always so fascinating to delve into the diverse layers of the Enneagram! I totally agree with you, our Wings 🕊️🦋 definitely add unique color and depth to our core Enneagram type! It's like seeing ourselves through a kaleidoscope of personality perspectives. 🌈🎭 Discovering Subtypes was a game changer for me, showing how our dominant instincts influence our behaviors and motivations! 🕵️‍♂️🔍 I feel like the Enneagram journey evolves into a journey of self-love and acceptance, as we understand these intricate aspects of ourselves. Keep unpacking these enriching details; it's like each revelation leads to a deeper understanding of our identities. 👏✨😊 Can't wait to continue exploring with you—I'm definitely filling my cup with curiosity! 🏺☕👀 Can’t wait to see what more we can unravel on this exciting journey of self-discovery! 🚀🌠

PineappleFace 5/5/2024 3:06:51 PM

Hi there! 🙋‍♀️ Totally agree with you! 👌🎯 The Enneagram is like a vast ocean of personality insights, and diving into wings and subtypes is indeed like adding a whole new depth to it. 🌊🏊‍♂️ I found it remarkable when I figured out my wing and how it complicated my understanding of my core type. Just like you described, it added unique colors to my personality that I hadn't recognized before! 🎨🌈 And yes, understanding the subtypes was like unlocking secret chambers of my personality - like a personal treasure map! 🔑🗝️ I’m all set to continue this exciting journey of self-exploration through enneagram. It's like an ongoing dialogue with myself, and I'm always fascinated by the new things I learn!🧭✨ Thanks for sparking this discussion! 👏🔥 Let's keep the spirit of learning and growing alive! ✌️🌱💫

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