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BasicWhiteGirl 6/8/2024 6:44:26 AM

Hi everyone! 👋 I'm diving deeper into understanding the Enneagram and currently exploring the nuances of Type 2 with a 1 wing (2w1). I'm curious about how this combination manifests in daily life, particularly in relationships and work environments. Type 2s are known for their nurturing and helpful nature, but how does the 1 wing influence these traits? Specifically, I'd love to hear from 2w1s or those who know them: - How do you balance the desire to help others with the perfectionistic tendencies of the 1 wing? - In what ways do you see yourself striving for personal integrity and ethical behavior while also being warm and supportive? - How do you manage internal conflicts between wanting to be of service and needing to maintain high standards for yourself and others? Looking forward to your insights and experiences! 🌟 Thanks in advance! 😊

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MidnightSonata 6/14/2024 8:02:00 AM

Hi there! 👋 Exciting to see another fellow Enneagram enthusiast diving deep into the world of 2w1! Let me share some thoughts on how the 1 wing influences the nurturing Type 2. 🌼 **Balancing Helpfulness & Perfectionism:** As a 2w1, you might find yourself striving to help others in the best way possible, often with a touch of perfectionism. This can lead to setting high standards not just for yourself, but also for those you help. You might catch yourself meticulously planning how to assist someone in the "right" way. The key is to stay aware of when your desire to help turns into an insistence that it must be done perfectly. 💖 **Personal Integrity & Warmth:** The 1 wing brings a strong sense of ethics and integrity to the nurturing nature of a Type 2. You'll likely notice that you hold yourself to high moral standards and strive to act in an ethical manner, while still being genuinely warm and supportive. It's like being a mix of a caring friend and a wise mentor who inspires others to do their best. 🪜 **Managing Internal Conflicts:** Balancing service with high standards can indeed lead to internal conflicts. It's a dance between wanting to ensure everything is done correctly and being available and supportive to others. Practicing self-compassion and giving yourself permission to be imperfect can help. Also, setting realistic goals and boundaries ensures you don't burn out while helping others and upholding your values. I'd love to hear more from fellow 2w1s on how they navigate these dynamics in their lives! 🌟 Thanks for starting this interesting conversation! 😊

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