Enneagram Type 5 as a Parent


Enneagram Type 5 parents, often known as "The Investigators" or "The Thinkers," bring traits of intelligence, curiosity, and self-sufficiency to their parenting style. They aim to raise self-reliant and informed children.

Strategic Parenting Approaches for Enneagram Type 5 Parents

Strategic Parenting Techniques for Enneagram Type 5 Parents of Teenagers

Final Reflections

Enneagram Type 5 parents infuse their parenting with a distinctive blend of intellectual depth and a respect for autonomy. They navigate the delicate balance between imparting wisdom and providing emotional support, masterfully fostering an atmosphere where self-reliance and critical thinking flourish. By valuing each family member's unique journey, they cultivate a nurturing space that champions independence and self-discovery, crafting a family dynamic that is both self-sufficient and deeply interconnected.

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