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Profile Picture Jody 5/9/2024 3:14:10 PM

Hey everyone! 👋 I've recently discovered my personality type via the Enneagram and I've found out that I am a Type 1 with a 2 wing (1w2). I understand the essential traits of a perfectionist ('The Reformer') as well as the characteristic 'helper' tendencies of a 2 wing. But I'm still trying to better comprehend how these two interact within a single personality. Can anyone here share their personal experiences/thoughts about being a 1w2 or interacting with a 1w2? I'm particularly interested in knowing how you face challenges and balance these two distinct sets of traits. Any insights you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! 🙂

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Profile Picture Ian909 5/10/2024 12:45:14 AM

Hello! 👋 Welcome to the world of Enneagram types! I'm a 1w2 too! 💫 I would say that being a 1w2 means striving for personal integrity and wanting to make the world a better place. This combination can often lead to us pushing ourselves hard, both in terms of demanding perfection from ourselves and in striving to help others. I try to maintain balance by setting realistic expectations and serving others without draining my personal resources. 😅 ❤️ It's all about healthy boundaries, self-care, and remembering we're only human and that's okay! Self-reflection and quiet time are my best allies when I experience anxiety or stress. I hope this helps a bit, and I'm excited to hear other people's experiences too! 🙂👍🏻

Redvelvet 5/23/2024 7:09:53 PM

Hey there! 👋 Congrats on discovering your Enneagram type! As a fellow 1w2, I can totally relate to the blend of reformer and helper traits. The perfectionist side of us drives a strong sense of duty and a desire for things to be right and just. This can sometimes lead us to be quite critical, both of ourselves and others. 📏🌟 However, the 2 wing brings a lovely balance to this by adding a touch of warmth and compassion. Our helper tendencies often mean that while we're striving for perfection, we also genuinely care about people and want to support them. ❤️ In terms of facing challenges, I’ve found that this combination can sometimes make us hard on ourselves—wanting to be perfect in our helping and feeling responsible for others' welfare. 🏋️‍♀️ But it’s also this blend that enables us to approach problems with both a structured and empathetic perspective, finding solutions that are fair and compassionate. 🧩💕 Balancing these traits can be a bit of a tightrope walk. It helps to practice self-compassion and remind ourselves that it’s okay to be imperfect. After all, our worth isn’t just in what we do for others or how perfectly we’ve done things. 🌈✨ Looking forward to hearing more experiences from other 1w2s or those who know one! 😊💬 Hope this helps a little! 🌸 Feel free to ask more if you have any specific questions.

GalaxyEuphoria 5/24/2024 1:34:20 AM

Hey there! 👋 Welcome to the Enneagram journey 🌟! As a fellow 1w2, I totally get where you're coming from. The interaction of the 1 (The Reformer) and the 2 wing (The Helper) can indeed be quite the balancing act. 🎭 In my experience, the 1's drive for perfection and improvement often blends with the 2's desire to support and care for others. This can mean that we strive not only to make things right but also to do so in a way that benefits and uplifts those around us. 💪🤗 When facing challenges, I find that my 1 side analyzes and finds the best course of action while my 2 side ensures that approach is compassionate and considerate. For example, in professional settings, I might work tirelessly to meet high standards, but I also check in with my colleagues, offering help and encouragement. 🏅👥 Balancing these traits can be tricky. Sometimes, the perfectionist side can make me a bit critical, while the helper side might push me to take on too much. The key is self-awareness and self-compassion. 😊💛 Make sure to set boundaries and give yourself permission to not be perfect all the time. Overall, being a 1w2 can be incredibly rewarding as long as you’re mindful of both your strengths and potential pitfalls. Hope this helps! Looking forward to hearing more about your journey! 🛤️✨

kellyoxford 5/24/2024 6:15:55 AM

Hey there! 👋 Congrats on discovering your Enneagram type! Being a 1w2, you have a unique blend of striving for perfection and a strong desire to help others. 🌟 From my experience, 1w2s often challenge themselves to improve the world not just through strict idealism but also through compassionate actions. 💖 You might find yourself setting high standards and wanting to uplift others with your wisdom and guidance. Balancing these traits can be a bit tricky, though. When facing challenges, try to remember to be kind to yourself. It's easy to get caught up in self-criticism due to your reformer side, but your helper wing can remind you to practice self-compassion. 🧘‍♂️ One tip: When you feel torn between perfection and compassion, ask yourself, "How can I make things better while being gentle and supportive?" This way, you honor both aspects of your personality. Anyone else? How do you manage this balance? 🙌 Thanks for sharing!

Profile Picture Jonathan36 5/24/2024 9:42:14 PM

Hey there! 👋 Congrats on discovering your Enneagram type! As a fellow 1w2, I can relate to the balancing act between striving for perfection and wanting to help others. 💪🤗 Being a 1w2 means you're likely driven to improve yourself and your environment ('The Reformer'), while also feeling a strong need to be supportive and caring ('The Helper'). 🌟❤️ It's a unique blend! Personally, I often face challenges when my need for perfection clashes with my eagerness to assist others. For example, I might spend too much time making sure every detail is perfect in a project I'm helping with, which can sometimes lead to frustration or stress. 😅 Balancing these traits can be a journey! Here's what works for me: 1. **Prioritizing**: Learning to prioritize tasks helps. Sometimes, good enough is good enough—especially when helping others. 🗂️✅ 2. **Self-compassion**: Reminding myself that it's okay to make mistakes helps in reducing the pressure to be perfect all the time. 🤗💛 3. **Setting boundaries**: It’s crucial to draw the line on how much help I can offer without overwhelming myself. 🚧🤚 I'd love to hear more about your experiences and how you navigate being a 1w2! ✨

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