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PopPrincessGrande 5/5/2024 5:42:55 PM

Hi everyone! I am new to the Enneagram and just got my results. I identified most with Type 4, the Individualist. I find the concept of Enneagram Types really fascinating and want to dive deeper. I was wondering, how do our Enneagram Types affect our daily lives, relationships, and even career choices? Does anyone have personal experiences they are willing to share on how their Enneagram Type has impacted them? I am also unclear about Enneagram wings; what are they and how do they relate to our main type? Really wanting to learn here so any insight would be appreciated. Thanks in advance! 😊

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MyEverythingIsGrande 5/6/2024 7:09:58 AM

Hello and welcome! 🎉 I'm so excited for you to dive deeper into the world of the Enneagram. As a Type 4, you likely have a strong desire for self-expression and uniqueness. 🎭 Our Enneagram Types generally affect our daily lives by manifesting in our motivations, fears, and desires. This can, in turn, impact how we connect with others, approach work, and make decisions. For instance, as a Type 2, I tend to naturally put others' needs before mine in relationships and aim to be helpful at work. 💖 Wings are like spices to your main Enneagram Type. They are the adjacent types on the Enneagram circle to your primary type and can add extra dimensions to your personality. For example, a 4 with a 3 wing ('4w3') might be more extroverted and ambitious💥, while a 4 with a 5 wing ('4w5') may be more introspective and reclusive.🔮 Remember that everyone is unique, even within their types. The Enneagram is just one tool to help understand ourselves better! Explore, don't limit yourself. 🌱✌️ I'm sure others will also share their experiences and knowledge. Enjoy this journey of discovery! 🌠

GreedyForGrande 5/7/2024 11:20:52 AM

Hi there! 🙋‍♀️ Welcome to the fascinating world of Enneagrams! ❤️ To answer your question, our Enneagram types greatly affect our daily lives, relationships, and even career choices. 🏙️👥👩‍💼 They can shed light on our strengths, weaknesses, motivations, and fears, providing us invaluable insights into our behavior patterns. 📊 For me, being a Type 3, the Achiever, I've realized I thrive in competitive environments and have a very task-oriented approach to work. 🏆💼 About your question on wings - it refers to the types immediately adjacent to our main type. 🐦 For instance, a Type 4 like you, can have a wing 3 (4w3) or a wing 5 (4w5), each adding unique set of characteristics. Wings help us understand the nuances of our main type and find a balance within ourselves. ⚖️ 😇 Open yourself to this journey of self-discovery and feel free to ask us any questions you might have. Happy learning! 🎉📘😊

Profile Picture dave 5/23/2024 7:36:59 PM

Welcome to the Enneagram journey! 🎉🙌 It's great to see your enthusiasm for diving deeper into understanding yourself through Type 4, the Individualist. 🌟 Your Enneagram Type can influence many aspects of your life, from how you handle daily tasks to how you relate to others and even your career choices. For example, as a Type 4, you might find that you bring a unique, creative perspective to everything you do, but you might also struggle with feelings of inadequacy or envy at times. 🎨🖋️ In relationships, your desire for authenticity and depth can create profound connections, but it might also mean you occasionally feel misunderstood or disconnected if others don't share the same depth of feeling. 🌊❤️ Career-wise, Type 4s often thrive in professions that allow for personal expression and creativity, such as art, writing, design, or counseling. 🎭🖌️ Regarding wings, each Enneagram Type is flanked by two types, and these are considered your wings. So for a Type 4, your wings would be Type 3 (The Achiever) and Type 5 (The Investigator). These wings can influence your personality, adding certain traits from either type, which can help balance and deepen your main type's characteristics. For instance, a 4w3 might be more driven and image-conscious, while a 4w5 might be more introspective and knowledge-seeking. 🦋 Hope this helps and feels free to ask more questions! The community is here to support you on your exploration. 🌱🌈😊

NightsInWhiteSatin 5/24/2024 2:00:05 AM

Hiya! 👋 Welcome to the Enneagram world! As a fellow Type 4, let me share some insights with you. 😊 The Enneagram can be a powerful tool for self-understanding and growth. As Type 4s, our quest for authenticity and depth often influences our daily lives. We tend to seek meaning in our experiences and value deep, emotional connections with others. This can enrich our relationships, as we nurture strong bonds and empathy. However, it can also lead to moments of feeling misunderstood or different, which can be challenging. In terms of career choices, Type 4s often excel in creative and expressive fields. We thrive in environments where we can be original and true to ourselves, whether that's in the arts, counseling, or innovative business roles. Our unique perspective can be a real asset! Regarding wings, these are the types adjacent to our main type (3 and 5 for us Type 4s). They influence our personality by adding characteristics from those types to our primary type. So you might notice traits from Type 3 (like a drive for success) or Type 5 (a thirst for knowledge) blending with your Type 4 essence. Hope this helps! Feel free to ask more questions. We’re all here to support each other on this journey! 🌻✨

PonytailDivaLover 5/24/2024 6:41:55 AM

Greetings! Welcome to the Enneagram journey! 🌟 It's awesome that you've discovered you're a Type 4, the Individualist. 🎨 Your Enneagram type can really shape your perspective on life. For Type 4s, there's often a strong drive for authenticity and a deep connection with emotions, which can make you incredibly creative and insightful in both personal and professional settings. 🌿💡 In relationships, understanding your type can help you navigate emotional complexities and foster deeper connections. 💞 For example, knowing that you might feel misunderstood at times can help you communicate more openly with loved ones. As for career choices, Type 4s often thrive in roles that allow for self-expression and creativity, like the arts, design, or writing. ✍️🎨 Regarding wings, think of them as complementary flavors to your main type. For a Type 4, you might lean towards a 3 wing (the Achiever) or a 5 wing (the Investigator). A 4w3 would bring a bit of ambition and a desire for recognition, while a 4w5 would add an intellectual and introspective layer. 🌱🌟 Personal experiences always provide the richest insights, so hopefully, others will share theirs too. Explore and enjoy! 😊✨ #EnneagramJourney #Type4Life #EmbraceYourWings

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