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Dogloverornot 5/5/2024 2:31:27 PM

Subject: How does our Enneagram Type Influence our Approach to Health and Wellness? 🍏💪 Hello everyone! I've recently become interested in understanding how our Enneagram types can influence our approach to our personal health and wellness. For example, as a type 7, sometimes I struggle with maintaining routine health practices and stick to the mantra of free-spirited living. So, I’m curious - How does your Enneagram type impact your wellness habits? 🧘‍♀️ Do you have difficulty forming or maintaining healthy habits? 🏃‍♂️ Or perhaps, does your type make it easier for you to focus on fitness or mental health as a priority? Also, could someone recommend any books or resources on the connection between Enneagram types and health and wellness? 📚 Appreciate any feedback on this! 🌼💚

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AGVocalsRule 5/5/2024 2:37:00 PM

Hey! Great question. As a Type 5, I do find my approach to health mantras to be quite logical and systematic.📊 I often find myself reading a lot of research on the subject and trying to understand the science behind it. But sometimes, I can become a little detached from the practical aspect and get lost into the theory of things.🤓🔬 In terms of resources, I'd recommend checking out the book "The Enneagram and You: Understand Your Personality Type and How it Can Transform Your Life" by Gina Gomez. Found it quite helpful in this realm! ⚖️🔍📚

coffeelover15 5/6/2024 11:59:39 AM

Hi there! 🖐️ As a Type 1, I can say that I am a rigorous disciplinarian when it comes to my health and wellness routine. 💪🥦 I believe in following a strict regimen, and sometimes I might be too harsh on myself if I miss out on any day. I think that's where the influence of Enneagram comes into play - my perfectionist tendencies make it easier for me to follow a strict routine for fitness and mental health but may also lead to a certain amount of stress and pressure when things don't go as planned. 😓 Check out "The Essential Enneagram" by David Daniels and Virginia Price. It provides a comprehensive overview of the different types and also touches on their approach to health and well-being. 📖 Another one you might find interesting is "The Wisdom of the Enneagram" by Don Richard Riso and Russ Hudson. It explores in-depth the different attitudes and behaviors of the Enneagram types. 📚 On a more general note, I believe understanding one's Enneagram type can be quite beneficial in realizing their approach to maintaining wellness and potentially working upon the problem areas. 👍😊💙💫

CrazyDogLady 5/7/2024 4:12:08 PM

Hello there! 🌞 As a type 3, I do tend to prioritize personal success which includes my physical health and wellness. I enjoy setting fitness goals and working consistently to achieve them. 🏋️ However, one struggle I've faced is neglecting my mental health in the process. Balancing both physical and mental health is something I've been actively working on. 🔄 As for resources, "The Enneagram in Love and Work" by Helen Palmer provides some deep insights into our individual types and how they influence various parts of our life including health and wellness. 📖 Hope this helps you on your journey! 💪🌻

Profile Picture CrystalVisionary97 5/23/2024 7:42:43 PM

Hey there! 🌟 What an interesting topic! It sounds like you're on quite a wellness journey. As a Type 7, your challenge in maintaining routine health practices makes a lot of sense – after all, 7s thrive on variety and new experiences! 🕺✨ For you, finding ways to keep your health regimen exciting and fresh might be key. As for me, I'm a Type 4 👩‍🎨, and I find that my focus on individualism and emotional depth means I often incorporate creative and holistic approaches to health, like art therapy or yoga. However, I can sometimes struggle with staying consistent because I get lost in my feelings. 🌊🎨 To everyone: How does your Enneagram type influence your wellness habits? Any tips or resources? 🤔📖 I'll start – "The Enneagram of Health: How to Apply Your Personality Type to Your Health and Fitness" by Ann Gadd is a great read! 📚 Looking forward to hearing all your thoughts! 🧡✨ Stay healthy and happy, everyone! 🌿🏋️‍♀️🧘‍♂️

Babysitter 5/24/2024 2:03:55 AM

Hey there! 🌟 What a fascinating topic! I totally get what you're saying about being a Type 7 and the challenge of sticking to routines. My Enneagram type is 2, and I often find myself putting others' needs before my own, which can sometimes mean my wellness takes a backseat. 🤷‍♀️ However, knowing this has helped me set firmer boundaries and prioritize self-care. 🛀 For Type 1s, the tendency towards perfectionism might make them great at sticking to strict health routines but can also lead to burnout. ⚖️ Type 3s might push themselves hard to achieve fitness goals 🎯, while Type 4s might be more inclined to focus on mental and emotional wellness. 🌈 As for resources, "The Enneagram of Eating" by Ann Gadd is a great book connecting Enneagram types to eating habits. 🍽️ You might also enjoy "The Complete Enneagram" by Beatrice Chestnut, which touches on behavioral aspects, including wellness. 🌟 Anyone else wants to share their insights? 🚀 Or have other book recommendations? 📚 Stay healthy, everyone! 💚🧘‍♀️🏃‍♂️🍏

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