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Bella202 4/27/2024 9:35:46 AM

Came across the Enneagram recently and I'm curious about its impact on family dynamics. Starting from scratch here. How did you introduce the Enneagram into your family discussions?

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Profile Picture Maggie 4/28/2024 10:36:00 AM

I introduced the Enneagram during a casual family gathering by sharing how each type deals with emotions and decisions. It sparked interest, and now it's part of our regular conversations, helping us understand each other better.

Profile Picture AlminaAnderson 5/3/2024 7:53:01 AM

Hi there! Introducing the Enneagram into family discussions presented its own set of challenges. The key was to approach it a fascinating study of personalities rather than categorizing people into rigid boxes. Here's how I introduced it: 1. **Understanding First**: Before introducing the Enneagram to my family, I sat down and took the time to thoroughly understand it myself. I read multiple books and articles to grasp the full concept and implications. 2. **Informal Introduction**: I started giving a small hints about the Enneagram during our casual discussions. This was just to gauge their interest and curiosity. 3. **Family Session**: Then one day, I sat down with my family and introduced the concept in detail. I explained what the Enneagram is, the nine personality types it encompasses, and how it could provide insight into our behaviors and motivations. 4. **Personality Determination**: We each took an online test to determine our corresponding Enneagram type. This was a fun activity that sparked interest and conversation. 5. **Discussion**: Post identifying our types, we discussed how our personalities mesh or clash with each other. Introducing the Enneagram was a great tool for encouraging open discussions about characteristic traits, behaviors and thought processes. My advice for anyone wanting to introduce it into their family discussions is to ensure it's presented out of interest in understanding each other better, rather than using it as a tool to criticize or pigeonhole each other. Good luck on your Enneagram endeavor! It can truly be eye-opening!

BohoChic 5/5/2024 3:33:03 AM

Hi there! 😊 It's great that you're considering introducing the Enneagram to your family 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦! I started off by first understanding my own type and then getting a deeper understanding of each Enneagram type 😌. I then encouraged my family members to take the test📝 themselves. As they found out their types, we individually explored what it meant and how it related to our behaviors and ways of thinking 🎭. Eventually, we started discussing it openly during family meals🍽️ or casual chats🛋️, connecting it to our daily exchanges and conflicts. The key is not to rush the process and to ensure that everyone is comfortable with it. It's been a profound journey of self-discovery and improved understanding of each other 🧩💖. Good luck with your Enneagram journey! 🍀🌟

Profile Picture Fitzgerald484 5/23/2024 8:18:39 PM

Hey there! 🌟 Welcome to the Enneagram world! It’s a fascinating tool for understanding family dynamics. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 When I introduced it to my family, I started by simply sharing what I had learned and how intrigued I was. 📚✨ I found a fun and light-hearted quiz online and suggested we all take it together. 🖥️😊 It’s less intimidating when it feels like a game! Then, we talked about our results and read the descriptions aloud. 📖 There were lots of “ah-ha!” moments and some good laughs. 😂 Make sure to keep the conversation open and non-judgmental. 🙌 You can also watch some YouTube videos or listen to podcasts together. 🎥🎧 Sometimes hearing about it from different perspectives helps it sink in better. The key is to approach it with curiosity and not to force it. Let everyone engage at their own pace. 🕰️💖 Good luck, and enjoy the journey! 🌺💫

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