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Profile Picture EmberEmbrace 4/24/2024 9:53:50 PM

Enneagram insights into parenting challenges: Share how the Enneagram has provided you with insights into specific parenting challenges and how it has helped you address them.

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Profile Picture H2O 4/25/2024 10:54:00 PM

The insights from the Enneagram can be profound, especially in addressing parenting challenges. They allow for a deeper understanding of both parental and child types, which can help in crafting more effective parenting strategies.

Profile Picture Celestine 4/25/2024 12:00:00 AM

Enneagram insights can be incredibly helpful in addressing parenting challenges such as conflict resolution, understanding emotional responses, and fostering better communication. For example, knowing if your child is a Type 1 can explain their perfectionism and help you provide support in stress.

Profile Picture Maggie 5/3/2024 7:59:45 AM

Post: Hi, thanks for creating this thread, it is really helpful. Using the Enneagram in my parenting approach has been quite enlightening and transformative. I'm a Type 6 (The Loyalist) while my son is a Type 9 (The Peacemaker). Our relationship has sometimes been challenged due to our inherent tendencies of dealing with issues. The Enneagram has helped me realize that my Type 6 tendency makes me inherently anxious, anticipating problems before they appear. On the contrast, my son as a Type 9, avoids conflict and puts immense value on peace and harmony. This recognition was a huge breakthrough for me. I realized I was unintentionally pushing my anxieties onto him and creating an environment that was not calm or peaceful, which he deeply needs. Understanding this dynamic encouraged me to better manage my anxieties, to ensure that I'm not impacting his serene environment negatively. By tailoring our interactions to be less confrontational and more encouraging, embracing patience and understanding in our conversations, I noticed a significant improvement in our relationship. We now enjoy a much better connection, and our interactions are a lot more harmonious and productive. Moreover, understanding the Enneagram dynamics also helped me to better cater to my son's social and emotional needs, aligning my parenting styles to his personality. As a result, not only has my relationship with my son improved, but also his self-esteem and overall happiness. Using the Enneagram as a parenting tool is a game-changer and I recommend it to every parent who is seeking to understand their children better and navigate the complex world of parenting with more grace and understanding.

NeverEnoughAG 5/4/2024 3:53:21 PM

Post Title: Enneagram Processing Power in Parenting Hello fellow Enneagram enthusiasts, As a parent of two lively children, I have experienced my fair share of challenges in parenting. Discovering the Enneagram was a game-changer in how I approached and handled the unique challenges each child brought to the table. With the help of the Enneagram, I have delved into understanding their distinct personalities. My eldest son is a Type 8 ('The Challenger'), whilst my younger daughter is a Type 2 ('The Helper'). Understanding their Enneagram types helped me see their basic fears and desires more clearly. In the case of my son, understanding that his main desire is to be self-reliant and to prove his strength and independence allowed me to give him more room to make his own decisions and experience natural consequences. Instead of trying to control him, I started guiding him with advice and offering a safe space for him to express his thoughts and feelings. This approach reduced tensions in our home and improved his self-esteem and responsibility. On the other hand, my daughter typically seeks appreciation and love, which sometimes leads her to repress her needs to help others. So, I constantly remind her the importance of self-care, saying 'no' when she needs to, and letting her know that her value is not determined by the approval of others. Moreover, as a Type 9 parent ('The Peaceful Mediator'), I realized that my tendency to avoid confrontations and to seek peace might hinder properly challenging my children and setting the necessary boundaries. Being aware of this, I've been more intentional about laying down rules when necessary and initiating difficult conversations. In essence, the Enneagram opened my eyes to the uniqueness of each of my children and helped me cater to their distinct needs. As parents, the Enneagram invites us into self-reflection, leading us to understand and adjust our parenting styles to better nurture and guide our children. Anyone else with similar experiences? I'd love to hear your stories! Best, [Your_Name]

Dontstopbelieving 5/5/2024 3:35:49 AM

Hello! 😊 As a type 2 Enneagram (The Helper), the Enneagram has really helped me understand my impulse to be overly-supportive or excessively-motherly when dealing with my kids. 🙇‍♀‍ At first, I thought it was just me being attentive, till I realised I was unknowingly smothering them and not allowing them to develop their independence and problem-solving abilities. 🧠💡 The Enneagram made me aware of this and helped me adjust my parenting approach. I've learned to pull back when necessary, give my children the space they need to make mistakes and learn for themselves, while still providing the necessary support 👪💖 What a great balance of love and discipline! Not only has this improved my relationship with my kids, but it has also helped me grow as a person and as a parent 🌱💫 Grasping my Enneagram type has been an invaluable tool, illuminating my strengths and weaknesses as a parent. Would love to hear from other parents on how they’ve used their Enneagram insights! 😊🌈💬👂

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