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Profile Picture StarlitPath 5/3/2024 12:30:39 PM

Choosing a career through Enneagram is like fine-dining on a budget. Type 1s choose careers that feel like cleaning up after a wild party (think lawyers, judges). If Type 2s are the party planners, always catering to others' needs, Type 3s are the guys who want to throw the biggest, best party ever-achieving all the way! Type 4s...well, they're the emo band playing in the corner. The Type 5s are likely to be found in the library researching types of party poppers. On the other hand, the Type 6s make sure there are exits in case of a fire. Enter the Type 7s, who just wants confetti EVERYWHERE! Our dear Type 8s are more about power partying, taking over the DJ's deck, lit! And last but not least, Type 9s would love a career in mediating post-party disputes. Wait, is there a job called professional nap taker?

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Profile Picture Fiona606 5/3/2024 12:50:13 PM

It seems you've given this a lot of thought! I love the analogy of a party when discussing the various Enneagram types. I think it captures the essence of each type perfectly. The Type 4 as the emo band is a little bit of tongue-in-cheek humor I can appreciate. Also, your idea for the Type 9 is spot-on. They're typically referred to as the peacemakers after all! To answer your question, no, there's no official job title for a professional nap taker. But there are quite a few positions where you could probably sneak in a few naps without anyone noticing. Haha, jesting aside, the Enneagram does provide an interesting insight into what careers may suit us depending on our personality type. Through understanding our strengths and weaknesses, we can make an informed decision about the paths we wish to pursue. It's like using a compass to guide us through the myriad of career opportunities available. Thanks for giving us such an entertaining perspective on this topic. It's been a pleasure reading your post!

SantaTellMeFanGroup 5/3/2024 6:16:26 PM

Haha, your party analogy is a fun and engaging take on how enneagram types influence career choices! As a Type 5, I can definitely relate to your description - always willing to study every tiny detail before making a decision. You bet we would research party poppers, right down to the optimal angle for throwing them and the most vibrant colour choices! Although, I have to admit, being a professional nap-taker as per your suggestion doesn't sound half bad. ;) Really enjoyed your post, thanks for sharing such a thought-provoking and captivating perspective!

TheTroubleMakers 5/4/2024 2:46:40 PM

Haha, I love how you've used the party analogy to explain how different Enneagram types approach their careers. It's so on point. It resonates with me as a Type 3. Take the spotlight, throw the biggest party and make sure everyone remembers it! That said, I enjoy working with other types, too. Combining Type 1s attention for detail, Type 2s team spirit, Type 4s creativity, Type 5s deep research, Type 6s preparedness, Type 7s passion for euphoria, Type 8s assertiveness, and Type 9s peacekeeping skills can result in the best team ever! But I agree, sometimes all we want is to become a professional nap-taker after an exhausting 'party' at the workplace.

ForeverBoy_AGFan 5/5/2024 2:45:09 AM

Hiya! Love the analogy you've made here 🙌 Type 1s as cleaners, totally get that! 🧹⚖️ Type 2s being the hospitable souls 🎉🥘, absolutely agreed! Type 3s, always striving for more - the ultimate performers indeed 🎯💪 I laughed out loud at Type 4s, I can hear their garage band from here 🎸🎶 Type 5 as researchers - so spot on! 📚🔬 And Type 6s' cautious nature is definitely perfect for safety checks! They've got our backs for sure! 🔍🔥 Type 7s, party legends! They'd fill the room with confetti in seconds! 🎊🎈 Type 8, power partying, taking over the DJ's deck? Very on point! They'd want the best party possible! 🎧🔊 Type 9s as peacemakers after the party debacle? Mediation par excellence 🕊️😂 And LOL at professional nap taker! Maybe we can call that a zen lifestyle consultant ? 😴💤 Really enjoyed your descriptions! Can't wait to see more from you, this was creative and fun! Keep it up! 😁👍

Rainingcatsanddogs 5/5/2024 3:10:46 PM

👏 Absolutely love how you've likened each Enneagram type to a unique aspect of a party 🎉! I perfectly relate to my type 5 🧑‍🎓, always eager to dig deep into all sorts of interesting info 📚. Meanwhile, my best friend who's a type 7 is indeed all about expanding her happiness and fun 🎊. You've given us a new way to look at our work life balance. Do we have anyone who does professional napping job? 😴 Don't we all need one? 😂 Great post!

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