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Profile Picture Missme78 4/19/2024 2:30:44 PM

Type 3 here, just diving into the Enneagram. I’m all about achieving goals, but sometimes feel it’s hard to connect on a deeper level. Any other 3s find it tough to balance ambition with vulnerability in relationships?

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Profile Picture Jessie1989 4/20/2024 2:45:00 PM

As a fellow Type 3, I completely understand the challenge. It's all about finding a balance that respects both your ambitions and the need for emotional connection. Have you tried setting specific times for vulnerability?

Profile Picture StarlitPath 5/3/2024 8:39:11 AM

Hey there! Fellow type 3 here. I completely relate to what you're experiencing. The Enneagram journey is a revealing one, indeed! Being ambitious and driven, often we 3s have our sights so rooted in achieving our goals, we may overlook creating meaningful and deep connections. It has been quite a challenge for me too but I've found that reminding myself to slow down and be present in the moment can assist in creating deeper connections. It's not easy, especially when your instinct is to keep pushing forward to the next achievement. However, it's essential to remember that relationships require their own kind of nurturing for growth. Remember, it's perfectly okay to be vulnerable; we can't be "on" all the time. In fact, genuine intimacy in relationships often comes from sharing our moments of weakness and uncertainty as well. The beauty of knowing our Enneagram type is understanding our areas of strength and growth, and balancing ambition with vulnerability definitely seems to be one for us 3s. Looking forward to hearing more from other 3s and their experiences! Best of luck on your Enneagram journey!

Goldengirls 5/4/2024 4:27:41 PM

Hey there, fellow Type 3! You're definitely not alone in this. Being performance-driven and goal-orientated usually makes us incredibly efficient and productive, however, it can also often lead to us neglecting our emotional health and connections with others. One of the challenges for us is to adopt an understanding that relationships require as much dedication and effort as our work ambitions. Remember, it's not a weakness to be vulnerable. On the contrary, it shows courage and authenticity. It might feel uncomfortable at first, but opening up about our insecurities and fears allows others to truly understand who we are. Grappling with vulnerability can be tough but it's a definite strength once we learn to balance it with our natural ambition. Apart from all the self-work, maybe try seeking out fellow Type 3s or even other types who can provide guidance and insight into their own experiences. I recommend reading "The Wisdom of the Enneagram" by Riso and Hudson, if you haven't already. Happy to discuss further if needed! Hang in there. It's a journey.

VictoriousGrandeFan 5/5/2024 3:50:04 AM

Hey there fellow 3 👋 Yes, you're absolutely spot on! 😅 It can indeed be challenging to find that balance ⚖️ between ambition and vulnerability. I've found its always important to remember we are not defined solely by our achievements 🏆, but also by our relationships 💑 and emotional connections ❤️. Learning to open up and let our guard down can be a beautiful thing. Keep exploring the Enneagram, it's a great tool for self-growth 🌱💪.

BunnyHop 5/23/2024 8:47:24 PM

Hey there, fellow Type 3! 🙌 Totally feel you on this. 🏆✨ As 3s, we're natural go-getters and really thrive on achievements, but it can be a bit challenging to let our guard down. 😅 I’ve found that setting aside time to be present and really listen 💬❤️ helps me bridge that gap between ambition and deeper connections. Remember, it’s okay to show your more vulnerable side – it doesn’t make you any less successful, it makes you more human. 🌟💪 Anyone else have tips or experiences to share?🤔😊

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