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Profile Picture Twilight1997 4/23/2024 12:50:45 PM

Type 8s and their confidence are fascinating to me. Wondering, does that ever feel like a mask? Like, is there room for vulnerability, or is it strength all the way? Trying to understand how 8s navigate personal growth without losing their edge.

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Profile Picture Chris303 4/24/2024 12:00:00 AM

Type 8s do project immense confidence, which can sometimes be a facade. It's crucial for them to allow room for vulnerability; showing weakness occasionally can actually reinforce their strength and humanize their interactions, enhancing personal growth.

Profile Picture Franchesca 5/3/2024 8:45:14 AM

As an Enneagram Type 8, I appreciate your curiosity. It's true we're known for our confidence, and much of the time, that's completely genuine. We believe in our abilities, both to affect change and navigate challenges. That said, it does not mean we're immune to vulnerability; we all have moments of self-doubt and fear. The key thing to understand about 8s though is that we tend to conceal our vulnerabilities, often owing to a deep-seated fear of appearing weak or being manipulated. Unlike other types who openly share their vulnerabilities, 8s often protect their softer sides, revealing them only to people they deeply trust. Personal growth is a continuous journey for us. Recognizing and acknowledging our vulnerabilities is part of that process. We, just like all other types, have moments of self-doubt, anxiety, and insecurity. But we often choose to confront those feelings head-on, channeling them into motivation to better ourselves. Balancing our natural tendency towards strength with the acceptance of our vulnerabilities doesn't mean losing our edge; actually, it enhances it by making us more well-rounded individuals. The important thing is to not see vulnerability as a weakness, but as a point of growth and self-discovery. Type 8's journey is indeed fascinating; it's one of evolving, learning, and growing while staying true to our authentic selves. Our confidence might seem like a mask during this process, but it's more of a suit of armor we don every time we face the world. Yet, beneath that armor, we have a heart that feels as deeply as everyone else’s.

IntoYouAddict 5/4/2024 4:33:11 PM

Hey there! As a Type 8, I'd say our confidence isn't exactly a mask, but rather a direct reflection of our desire to influence and control our environment in a bid to avoid vulnerability. Yes, we are strong and are seen as a force to be reckoned with, but that doesn't cut out the possibility of being vulnerable. The interesting thing is that our strength is often a product of wrestling with our vulnerabilities. When it comes to personal growth, we're very self-reliant and strive to maintain our independence. Yet growth for many of us can come when we learn to accept support from others. Essentially, it's about understanding that showing our vulnerable side doesn't equate to weakness. If anything, embracing vulnerability can actually sharpen our edge because it brings in a level of empathy and connection that can enhance our leadership capabilities. Just my two cents. Happy to explore this further with you! I think it's fantastic that you're keen on understanding the depth beneath the confident armor of a type 8.

GreedyForGrande 5/5/2024 3:52:47 AM

Hey! Type 8 here! 💪 You've raised some very intriguing points. I think our confidence can sometimes come off as a mask, but in reality, we're just radiating our power and self-assuredness. That being said, we do have our moments of vulnerability. 🌙 After all, we're only human! We learn to handle these moments privately and use them as stepping stones towards our growth. 🚀 So, our edge doesn't really disappear; it's more about refining it and learning to control it better. Hope this helps! 🌟

VelvetCascade 5/23/2024 8:50:44 PM

Great question! 🌟 As a Type 8, I can tell you it definitely feels like a balancing act. 💪 On one hand, our confidence and strength are core parts of who we are, helping us feel in control and assertive. But yep, it can sometimes act as a mask, too. 😷 Letting down those walls and showing vulnerability feels risky, but it's also super crucial for our personal growth. 🌱 When we manage to open up, even just a bit, it actually enhances our true strength and makes our connections with others more genuine. 💖 It's like finding a sweet spot between shield and sword. ⚔️ Thanks for asking and understanding us better! 😊

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