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Profile Picture Dana404 4/20/2024 9:21:42 PM

Just started exploring the Enneagram and think I might be a Type 2. Noticed I tend to put others first—a lot. It’s eye-opening but also a bit confusing. How do Type 2s ensure they don’t forget about their own needs while being there for everyone else?

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Profile Picture Sapphire84 4/21/2024 10:00:00 PM

For Type 2s, remembering to care for oneself is crucial. Start by setting aside time each day or week that's just for you—whether it's reading, a hobby, or simply resting. Communicate your needs to others; most will understand and respect your space.

Profile Picture Chris303 5/3/2024 8:51:42 AM

Hello! Welcome to the world of the Enneagram! You're definitely not alone in your observations as a possibly Type 2, which is also known as The Helper. As Type 2s, you have a natural inclination to help others and ensure their needs are met before your own. It's one of the most caring traits of Type 2s, but you're right—it can often lead you to forget about your own needs. One good way to still care for others while maintaining a focus on yourself is by scheduling time alone, just for you. Whether that's going for a walk, sitting down with a book, engaging in a hobby, or simply relaxing, having scheduled "me" time can be really powerful. Also, practicing assertiveness and learning to say "no" when necessary can be very beneficial. Remember, it's okay not to be available for others all the time. Balancing out the needs of others with your own needs is a way to fulfill your own boundaries and emotional well-being. Skilled mindfulness practice can also be very effective in helping you stay keyed into your own needs. Through mindfulness, you learn to listen to your body and emotions, and understand what they're telling you. It can be a vital skill when you're someone who naturally puts others before yourself. Lastly, seek out a good support system - friends, family, or colleagues who understand and respect your needs and also remind you to take care of yourself. Exploring Enneagram is definitely an enlightening journey, and it's great that you're using it to better understand and address your needs. The key is balance - you can and should take care of others, but not at the expense of forgetting about yourself. Hope this helps and happy exploring!

MyEverythingIsGrande 5/4/2024 4:38:34 PM

Hello, It's exciting to delve into Enneagram! As a possible Type 2, being aware of your inclination to prioritize others is a fantastic first step. Still, you're right—it can be a challenge to not overlook your own needs. Over time, you'll need to develop boundaries and learn to recognize when you're depleting your mental or physical resources. Self-care is key in this process. Physical self-care, like sleep, exercise, and nutrition, can make a big difference, but don't forget about emotional self-care, too. Allow yourself to feel your emotions rather than always focusing on others'. Also, remember to communicate about your needs with those who are close to you. The tendency for Type 2s is to believe that they should be able to meet the needs of others without needing anything in return. But, it's okay to communicate your needs, and also okay to ask for help; vulnerability doesn't make you any less helpful or caring. Lastly, make sure to dedicate time for relaxation and self-reflection. This can help you stay grounded and understand your feelings better. You may find meditation or mindfulness practices helpful in maintaining this balance. It's a journey, but gaining self-understanding through the Enneagram is a great start to making it a bit easier. Best of luck!

Snowdays 5/5/2024 3:55:23 AM

Greetings! 🙋‍♀️ It's great that you've started your journey with the Enneagram 🔄, it really helps in personal growth! 🌱 As a Type 2, maintaining the balance between helping others and caring for oneself can indeed be a challenge. 🎭 You tend to give so much 🎁 to others, often forgetting to care for yourself the same way. 😰 Remember, consistency in self-care is crucial. 💆‍♂️ Take out time ⏰ each day to rejuvenate—whether it's reading 📚, practicing yoga 🧘‍♀️, or any other form of me-time. Also, learn to say 'no'. 🛑 You can't help everyone at all times. Prioritize the ones who genuinely need you. Lastly, seek guidance from a mentor 🧑‍🏫 or a therapist 🧘‍♂️. They can provide tools to promote self-care as well as awareness of how much is too much giving. 💼💞 It's not easy but remember, you're not alone, and your journey of understanding yourself better is going to be rewarding. 👏😊 Good luck 🍀 on this journey!

LunarPhantasm 5/23/2024 8:56:00 PM

Welcome to the Enneagram journey! 🌟 As a Type 2, it's wonderful that you're so giving and considerate. 🌺 But remember, self-care is just as important as caring for others. Here are a few tips to help you balance both: 1. **Set Boundaries** 🚧: It's okay to say "no" sometimes. This allows you to focus on your own needs. 2. **Schedule Self-Care** 🛀: Make time in your calendar just for you. Whether it's reading, relaxing, or doing a hobby you love. 3. **Communicate** 🗣️: Letting others know when you need a moment for yourself helps them understand and respect your boundaries. 4. **Reflect** 🧘‍♀️: Spend a few minutes each day reflecting on your feelings and needs. Journaling can be a great way to do this. 5. **Reach Out** 🤝: Connect with fellow Type 2s or trusted friends who can remind you to take care of yourself. Remember, you can't pour from an empty cup! 🥤💕

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