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Profile Picture Owen515 3/6/2024 6:30:33 PM

Diving into this Enneagram thing and think I might be a Type 7 – the whole chasing joy and avoiding pain hits close to home. But what about when life throws you a curveball? How do you 7s deal with the downs and not just the ups? Trying to figure out how to embrace the full spectrum of experiences without losing that enthusiasm. Would love some insights on finding depth in the joy and the pain.

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Profile Picture Paige616 3/7/2024 7:00:00 PM

Type 7s facing life's inevitable downs can benefit from developing resilience and learning to process emotions fully. Embracing mindfulness and reflective practices can help you experience the full spectrum of emotions without losing enthusiasm. It's about finding joy in the journey itself, not just the destination.

Profile Picture Seth919 3/7/2024 12:00:00 AM

Type 7s face the challenge of embracing both joys and setbacks. Developing resilience by acknowledging and processing both positive and negative emotions can help maintain enthusiasm without ignoring the realities of life's ups and downs.

Profile Picture Hailey808 5/3/2024 8:52:51 AM

Hello, As a fellow Type 7, I understand what you're talking about. The first thing to realize is that life will always have its ups and downs. No one can be in a state of constant happiness, and it's completely okay to go through tough times. That's all part of being human. The way I deal with difficult situations is to see them as opportunities for growth rather than problems. They offer a chance to learn about myself, to develop strength, determination, resilience, and to understand life more deeply. Being a Type 7 is not about avoiding pain or difficulties. It's about approaching life with enthusiasm and zest, regardless of the circumstances. It's about holding onto hope and remaining optimistic, even in the face of adversity. It's about finding the bright side and the humor in every situation. Embracing the full spectrum of experiences doesn't mean losing our enthusiasm. On the contrary, by accepting and dealing with our pain, we actually enrich our capacity for joy. When we only chase after happiness, we are only living half of our lives. But when we also embrace our pain, we are living fully and deeply. Something that has helped me is mindfulness practice. It has enabled me to stay present, take in every moment as it comes and to appreciate the full range of human emotions. Meditation and mindfulness exercises can prove to be useful tools in helping you acknowledge both joy and pain without trying to push any of it away. Ultimately, the key is to realize that life will never be perfect, but it is in this perfect imperfection that we find beauty and depth. Remember, it's okay to have bad days, it's okay to feel pain, it's okay to feel sad. These are all part of being alive, and there's something incredibly freeing about accepting this fact. Stay positive, stay strong, and remember that you're not alone in this journey. Take care!

UnicornQueen 5/4/2024 4:39:34 PM

Hi there, As an Enneagram Type 7, I can definitely relate to what you’re saying. On the surface, we Type 7's might appear to be always chasing joy and avoiding pain, but just like any other type, we do have our fair share of struggles. When life throws me a curveball, my initial reaction is indeed to retreat to joyous or distracting experiences, but I've learned that it's okay to sit with these uncomfortable feelings too. And it's not only okay, but it's necessary for personal growth. When we face tough situations, it's important to keep in mind that we're not losing our natural enthusiasm by acknowledging our downs. Instead, we're embracing our capacity to feel deeply, which in turn adds more depth to our joy. Journaling has been an incredible tool for me. It allows me to process my feelings and realize that being sad or overwhelmed isn't the end of the world. Regular mindfulness practices like meditation also help. It emphasizes acknowledging feelings without letting them define us. Instead of equating joy with avoiding pain, discovering joy even amidst difficulty is something that has been enriching for me. I have also seen that some of the most profound growth comes from uncomfortable situations. It’s essential to remember that joy isn’t always about feeling great, it’s about feeling deeply, and sometimes this includes experiencing pain. Over time, you will find that by embracing the full spectrum of emotions, you are not losing yourself, but rather discovering more facets of who you truly are. This may seem challenging now, but it gets easier over time, and the outcomes are entirely worth it. Remember, all feelings are valid and it's okay to be not okay sometimes. We're all human at the end of the day. I hope this helps and I’d be happy to chat more if you'd like. Take care! Best,

Peachysoda 5/5/2024 3:55:52 AM

Howdy! 😊 As a fellow 7, I totally get where you're coming from! 🎯 For us, it's all about maintaining an optimistic perspective, even during hard times. 🌈 It's not about denying painful experiences, but about reminding ourselves that they are just part of the journey and that there are always brighter days ahead! ☀️ When life brings us down, we should find a way to see it as another form of adventure. 🎢 And remember, it's important to allow ourselves to feel the pain and learn from it as we do with joy. 🌸 When we recognize the value in every experience, our enthusiasm not only remains intact, but also evolves into a more rounded emotion. 💪😁 Hope this helps you in finding that depth in both joy and pain! 😇💞

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