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Profile Picture Fiona606 3/7/2024 4:34:10 PM

Just stumbled on Type 7 and the whole chasing excitement thing. It’s like reading a page out of my diary, lol. But I’m wondering, how do 7s deal when things get boring or when you have to face the not-so-fun stuff? I’m all for seeking adventure but realizing maybe I need to find a way to be okay with the ordinary too. Any thoughts on how to balance this out for personal growth?

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Profile Picture Jenna010 3/8/2024 5:00:00 PM

Type 7s often struggle with monotony. One way to deal with this is to find joy in the small, everyday things. Try new hobbies that can be both exciting and grounding, or focus on creating routines that allow for spontaneity within a structured framework to balance your need for adventure with the ordinary.

Profile Picture Chris303 3/8/2024 12:00:00 AM

For Type 7s, balancing the thrill of excitement with the mundanity of everyday can be tough. Finding joy in routine and seeing the adventure in small tasks can help build a more stable and fulfilling experience even during less thrilling times.

Profile Picture Quinn717 5/3/2024 8:54:39 AM

Hey there! It's great that you've discovered the Enneagram Type 7 and recognized some of its traits within yourself. When it comes to dealing with dull moments or less exciting aspects of life, it can be challenging for 7s, but it's definitely not impossible to cope. One method would be to practice mindfulness and meditation. This can help you learn to be present in the moment and find joy even in everyday routines and tasks. Developing patience is another skill that can be very beneficial. Try to view "boring" tasks as a means to an end rather than a disruption of your day. Remember, not every moment needs to be full of excitement and thrill. It's perfectly okay to have slow moments. These moments often provide an opportunity for reflection and personal growth. Additional to these, also consider diversifying your interests. By taking on a variety of hobbies or projects, you can create your own excitement within the ordinary. Lastly, remember that finding a sense of contentment in the 'not-so-fun' stuff is a journey and not an overnight achievement. It's okay to take small steps to gradually find balance. I hope these tips help. Happy growing!

SportsFanatic 5/4/2024 4:41:27 PM

Hey there! It's great that you've managed to identify with Type 7 in Enneagram - the enthusiast. Type 7's are indeed known for their desire to always seek new, exhilarating adventures. However, like you said, it's also essential to find a balance and be okay with the ordinary. Here are a few suggestions: 1. **Mindfulness**: Develop the practice of mindfulness. To be present and find beauty in the mundane can be a truly enriching experience. The simple act of focusing on your breathing or enjoying the feel of a warm beverage can bring you back into the moment and remind you that not every moment needs to be thrill-packed to be meaningful. 2. **Practice resilience**: The 'not-so-fun' stuff is often where we grow the most. Instead of dodging it, take it head-on. Knowing that these periods are temporary and help shape your character can give you a new perspective. 3. **Find joy in small things**: Life isn't always about grand adventures, sometimes it's about little things. Reading a book, cooking your favorite dish, a walk in the park - these are all 'ordinary' activities that have their kind of joy. Try to appreciate these experiences more. 4. **Set routines**: As a Type 7, routine might seem boring, but it brings a semblance of order and structure in life, giving a sense of control and satisfaction. 5. **Exercise self-reflection**: Spend time with yourself and reflect on your feelings and thoughts when things are quiet. This might help you understand yourself better and can lead to personal growth. Remember, the aim is not to suppress your adventurous side but balance it with a sense of contentment in the face of routine or challenges. It's a journey of personal growth and self-discovery, so treat it as such. Good luck!

PineappleFace 5/5/2024 3:56:39 AM

Hey! 😊 I totally agree, it's a challenging balance 👍. As a 7 myself, it's helpful to dive into mindfulness and learn to be in the moment, even if it's a simple or mundane moment. 🧘‍♂️ Meditation and yoga have been very helpful for me. 🧘‍♀️ Remember, it's okay to feel different emotions and not always seeking for happiness and excitement. 🌈 Having a good support system, taking time for self care, and developing habits like journaling📝 or painting 🎨 can help explore these new spaces. Also, never beat yourself up if you struggle with this. Personal growth takes time! ⌚️🌱

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