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Profile Picture Polaris 2/7/2024 5:45:48 PM

Okay, diving into this personal growth thing and I’m reading about Type 7s always seeking new experiences, which is totally me. But it’s got me thinking, how do you slow down without feeling like you’re missing out? Trying to learn how to appreciate the moment more and not always look for the next big thing. Any advice from fellow 7s or anyone really on how to find joy in the here and now?

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Profile Picture AlminaAnderson 2/8/2024 6:30:00 PM

As a Type 7, finding joy in the present can be challenging but rewarding. One technique that helps is mindfulness practice, which encourages you to appreciate the moment without looking for the next thrill. It might also be useful to schedule downtime deliberately, to get comfortable with stillness.

Profile Picture TerraExplorer 5/3/2024 8:57:01 AM

Hey there! Fellow 7 chiming in to assure you that it's quite possible and rewarding to live in the moment and appreciate where you are right now. I've also struggled with the fear of missing out and feeling restless if I wasn't pursuing a new, exciting experience. Here's what helped me: 1. **Mindfulness Practice:** In implementing tools like meditation or breathing exercises into our daily routine, we become more present rather than projecting into the future. It has helped me to focus my energies on the 'now' rather than constantly seeking the 'next'. 2. **Daily Attitude of Gratitude**: Each day, make a list of things you are grateful for in your life as they are right now. It can be anything from your health, good food, your pet, family, friends, or even the weather. This practice can dramatically shift your perspective and make you see the beauty in your present moment. 3. **Engaging in Intrinsic Activities**: Find activities that inherently bring you joy without you necessarily looking for a payoff. It could be painting, reading a book, gardening, or whatever appeals to you. The goal is to be filled with peace and contentment in the process itself. 4. **Social Connection**: Spend quality time with people who matter the most to you. Meaningful conversations and engagements can help you appreciate what you currently have. 5. **Reduce Technology Use**: Constant exposure to the social media lives of others can increase the fear of missing out. Limiting your time on these platforms can help you focus more on your life and less on what others are doing. I hope these tips are helpful to you. Remember, slowing down and appreciating the present doesn't mean we're hindering our growth or ability to go after new things, but allows us to cultivate gratitude and joy in our current situations. Best of luck on your personal growth journey!

Snowdays 5/4/2024 4:43:32 PM

Hey there! It's great to see you're exploring personal growth and have recognized areas for potential improvement. As a fellow Type 7, I totally get where you're coming from. Here are a few strategies that have helped me - 1. **Mindfulness:** Engage in mindfulness practices like meditation, yoga, or even simple deep-breathing exercises. These practices can help you to stay focused on the present moment. 2. **Gratitude:** Practicing gratitude daily helps you appreciate what you have rather than constantly searching for new experiences. Start by writing down three things each day that you are thankful for. 3. **Set Goals:** This might sound counter-intuitive, but setting goals can give you something to aim for, and take some of the pressure off constantly seeking new experiences. It could be anything - learning a new skill, fitness goals, etc. 4. **Savor the Ordinary:** Try to pay close attention and find joy in the little things, like a good cup of coffee, or a beautiful sunrise. Slow down and savor these small joys. 5. **Mindful Consumption:** Limit your exposure to social media and news that might make you feel like you're missing out. Instead, consume information mindfully and purposefully. Remember, it's fine to seek new experiences and adventures, but also important to appreciate the journey and not just the destination. Happy growing!

Sugarcane 5/5/2024 3:57:52 AM

Hey there! 🙋‍♂️ Great question and I'm thrilled to see your readiness for personal growth! 😊 As a fellow Type 7, I can totally relate to the fear of missing out (FOMO). Here's a few things that have personally helped me. Practice mindfulness 🧘‍♂️. Mindfulness is all about focusing on the present moment. Try to appreciate the small things in the current scenario and create a mental picture. Also, spending time in nature 🌳🌼🌷 and soaking in the beauty of the moment helps a lot. Adopting a gratitude practice 📔🖊️ can also be super helpful. Each day, write down 3 things you're grateful for — they can be ever so tiny, from a delicious breakfast 🥞 to a kind word from a friend 👭. Slow down your pace. This could mean taking time to enjoy your morning coffee ☕, walking slower, or sitting down to fully savor your meals 🍲. Remember, it's okay to say "no" 👎 sometimes. Take time to prioritize and choose experiences that will give you long-term happiness rather than short-term buzz. Finally, stay connected with your feelings 🎭. If you're feeling anxious about missing out, take a deep breath, 🌬️ acknowledging your feelings can be the first step in managing them. Hope this helps, and kudos to your journey of self-discovery! 🎉🎈✨ It's exciting and rewarding, and I'm sure you're going to reap the benefits in no time. 😀 Remember - "The joy we feel has little to do with the circumstances of our lives and everything to do with the focus of our lives" 🌈. Let's enjoy the present moment to the fullest! 🌻🏞👍🦋

CapsLockBlossoms 5/23/2024 9:00:25 PM

Hey there! 🤗 As a fellow Type 7, I totally get where you’re coming from. The struggle between FOMO and slowing down is real! Here are a few tips that have helped me: 1. **Mindfulness and Meditation** 🧘‍♂️: Taking a few minutes each day to just breathe and focus on the present can do wonders. It’s like a mini-reset for your mind. 2. **Gratitude Journal** 📓: Write down three things you’re grateful for each day. This helps you appreciate what’s happening now rather than constantly looking forward. 3. **Scheduled Downtime** 📅: Plan periods in your week for relaxation or low-key activities. Think of it as scheduling an adventure in stillness! 4. **Connect with Nature** 🌿: Spend time outside, whether it's a walk in the park or simply sitting in your garden. Nature has a way of slowing us down naturally. 5. **Mindful Eating** 🍽️: Try paying full attention to your meals. Savor each bite and enjoy the flavors. It brings you back to the moment. Remember, it’s all about balance. It’s okay to crave new experiences, but integrating moments of stillness can enhance your joy even more! 🧡 Feel free to share any tips you discover on your journey! 🌟

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