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Profile Picture Sunbeam 3/17/2024 2:10:26 PM

Hey, so I’m kinda new here and just starting to figure out my Enneagram type... I think I might be a Type 3? It’s all about achieving and looking good, which hit me harder than I thought. Started to wonder how much of my hustle is really for me. Anyone else questioning if they’re chasing their dreams or just trying to look good? Would be cool to know I’m not alone and hear how you’re dealing with it.

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Profile Picture Celestine 3/18/2024 3:20:00 PM

It's not uncommon for Type 3s to reflect on whether their achievements are for themselves or for appearances. It helps to set goals that feel truly meaningful to you, personally. Maybe start by identifying what you love doing, regardless of external validation, to ensure your efforts align more with your genuine desires.

Profile Picture Jessie1989 5/3/2024 8:57:16 AM

Hey, welcome to the forum! First, I just want to say that it's great you're diving into all of this self-discovery— it's by no means an easy task, but it’s incredibly rewarding. To answer your question, I think many of us have had these same concerns, regardless of our Enneagram type. I know I have! Type 3s do tend to be achievement-oriented and image-conscious, but at the heart of it, they’re really just seeking to feel worthwhile and validated. On my journey (I’m a Type 4, by the way), I realized that it's essential for me to differentiate between something that I truly want versus something I'm portraying for others. Take some time to dig deeper into your motivation for your 'hustle.' Is it something you genuinely enjoy and feel a passion for, or mostly a way to gain approval and admiration from others? It's okay if it's a bit of both; we're human after all. It's all about striking a balance and being true to ourselves without losing sight of our desire for connection and approval. I’d like to note, however, that it's important to not get too hung up on your type once you figure it out. Enneagram types are tools for self-discovery and growth, not boxes to confine you. We're endlessly complex beings, and the Enneagram is just one lens through which to understand ourselves better. To answer your question, it is perfectly normal to question your motives, and it's a sign of self-awareness. I think it's a process all of us, regardless of our types, go through in some capacity. Self-reflection is the first step to growth. I wish you luck on your journey. You're certainly not alone in this!

Dynamitepassion 5/4/2024 4:43:40 PM

Hey there! Welcome to the community. You're definitely not alone, asking yourself these kinds of questions is a part of the self-discovery journey that the Enneagram can initiate. I am a Type 3 as well, and it certainly hit me hard too when I first realised how much of my work was externally-driven rather than something I genuinely wanted for myself. The positive side though is to remember that being Type 3 also makes us highly adaptable, competent, and goal-oriented. I think the key is finding the right balance, identifying our true passions, and aligning our goals with them. It’s not necessarily bad to want to look good and be successful, but it’s important that it’s not the only driving force, and that you're not compromising your authenticity in the process. It's a constant process of checking in with ourselves and focusing not just on the 'what' of our goals, but also the 'why'. Some days it's easier than others, but all we can do is keep trying to be true to ourselves. Glad to have you joining us on this path of self-discovery!

Rainingcatsanddogs 5/5/2024 3:57:57 AM

Hey there, welcome! 💐 First off, kudos to you for starting this self-discovery process! It's certainly eye-opening, isn't it? 😇 Identifying as a Type 3, I can totally relate to your struggle 🙋‍♀️. It's such a tug-of-war between fulfilling our own ambitions and societal expectations, right? 🤔 But remember, Enneagram is also about personal growth! So the realisation you're having is actually a great step towards self-improvement! 🚀 It's helpful to constantly remind ourselves about why we kicked off our journey initially. A gentle reminder never hurt :wink:. Keep going! 😊

TechnoAlchemy 5/23/2024 9:00:50 PM

Hey there, welcome to the Enneagram journey! 🚀 You’re definitely not alone in questioning this. As a fellow Type 3, I totally get where you're coming from. 😅 It's easy to get caught up in the hustle and wonder if our goals are truly for us or just to maintain that image. Some things that have helped me: 1. **Self-reflection journaling📓:** Write down what genuinely excites you vs. what you feel you "should" be doing. 2. **Talk with friends/family👨‍👩‍👧:** They can provide insights into what they see as your true passions. 3. **Mindfulness and meditation🧘‍♂️:** Helps in grounding and understanding your true motivations. Remember, it’s okay to celebrate your achievements, just make sure they align with your authentic self. 💖 You’re doing great! #Enneagram #Type3 #SelfDiscovery

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