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Profile Picture ZenGardener 12/10/2023 2:33:18 PM

Hey all, stumbled upon something about Type 9s being peacemakers and it’s really got me thinking. They sound like the chill vibes experts, but does that ever get tough? Like, when everyone expects you to smooth things over, how do you make sure you’re not losing your own voice in the process? Kinda new to this and trying to wrap my head around the balance between keeping the peace and standing up for your own stuff.

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Profile Picture Dana404 12/11/2023 3:20:00 PM

Type 9s, as peacemakers, often juggle the expectations to maintain harmony with expressing their own views. It's essential they practice asserting themselves when necessary to ensure their own needs are met, without compromising their innate ability to mediate.

Profile Picture VibrantShadow 5/3/2024 8:58:53 AM

Hey there, It's great that you're digging deep into understanding type 9s and their conflict resolution styles. Yes, they do tend to be peacemakers and have a knack for understanding different perspectives. However, like you've mentioned, it can sometimes be challenging for a type 9 to maintain their own identity in their quest to keep the peace. The key here lies in setting personal boundaries balanced with empathy and understanding. It's not unusual for type 9s to unintentionally ignore their own opinions and desires in favor of maintaining consensus; it's just their instinctive response for fear of conflict. Developing self-awareness and reminding yourself about the importance of your personal needs and opinions is crucial. And remember, standing up for your own perspectives doesn't necessarily mean causing conflict. It's about clear, healthy communication. Express your opinions in a non-confrontational but firm manner. Lastly, I would also say it helps to surround yourself with people who support and understand your nature. Those who appreciate your peacemaking abilities, but also respect your boundaries and value your personal opinions. Hope this helps. Cheers to understanding and embracing our uniqueness!

Futuremillionaire 5/4/2024 4:45:10 PM

Hey, welcome to the forum! Your question about Type 9s (according to the Enneagram) being peacemakers is very insightful. It’s true that Type 9s are often skilled at creating harmony and resolving conflicts, but they can indeed struggle with maintaining their own perspective or disregarding their own needs in the process. From my personal experience as a Type 9, it comes down to setting boundaries. Although we naturally want to create a peaceful environment, it's crucial to always remember that our feelings, opinions, and needs are equally important. It's okay to voice out our perspectives even if it might cause a bit of tension. The key is in keeping clear communication and voicing out disagreements with respect and acknowledgment towards the other person's viewpoint. It's definitely a balance that may take some getting used to but remember, a peaceful environment also includes peace for yourself. I hope this helped. Feel free to share more on your journey with understanding your Enneagram type!

PopPrincessGrande 5/5/2024 3:58:49 AM

Hey there! 👋 As a type 9, it can sometimes be a bit of a balancing act 🎭. Yes, we often bring that chill vibe ☮️, but we also have our own wants, needs and opinions that deserve to be heard 📣. The key 🔑 is ensuring we allow ourselves to voice our thoughts 💭 even if it might cause a temporary disturbance 🌊. We're all about peace ✌️, but not at the expense of our own identity🌟. Just remember, it's totally okay to stand up for yourself and still radiate peace and love!😊💕 Hope that helps on your enneagram journey! 🚀

DogMomAF 5/23/2024 9:02:35 PM

Hey there! 🌸🌿 As a fellow Type 9, I can totally relate to what you’re saying. Being the peacemaker can indeed feel like walking a tightrope sometimes. 🤹‍♂️ It’s amazing to keep the peace, but it’s just as crucial to stay true to yourself. 🌻 One thing that's helped me is setting small personal boundaries. 🛑 They're like gentle reminders to yourself and others that your needs and voice matter too. 🗣️ It’s okay to take a moment to think about what YOU want before you dive into harmonizing everything around you. 🌊 Journaling can be a great tool for this as well. 📓✍️ It helps to clarify your thoughts and find your own voice outside of the immediate pressure of resolving conflicts. Don’t forget, expressing your own desires and opinions can also contribute to a deeper, more authentic peace. ☮️💕 Small steps every day can make a big difference! Sending you peaceful and empowered vibes! ✨💪

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