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Profile Picture Fiona606 1/7/2024 1:42:08 PM

Type 6, The Loyalist, epitomizes the human search for security and support, yet this quest is colored distinctly by their wings. A 6w5 brings a more analytical and cautious approach to the table, often retreating into the realm of thought to find solutions. In contrast, a 6w7 injects a sense of optimism and desire for adventure into the Type 6 core, seeking security through experiences and social engagements. This illustrates the Enneagram's depth, showing how our primary type interacts with adjacent influences to mold our worldview and coping strategies.

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Profile Picture SteveO 1/8/2024 2:00:00 PM

The contrast between the wings of Type 6 really illustrates the range of coping mechanisms within a single type. The analytical nature of a 6w5 offers a unique perspective compared to the more adventurous 6w7. Have you observed how these different strategies affect their relationships or professional decisions?

Profile Picture Curator1999 1/8/2024 2:00:00 PM

Type 6s exhibit fascinating diversity in how they seek security. For those identifying as a 6w5 or 6w7, how does your wing influence your approach to building trust and managing fears in personal and professional settings?

Profile Picture ZenGardener 5/3/2024 9:05:45 AM

I agree with your assessment of the 6w5 and 6w7. Your observations provide a good understanding of how each wing impacts the core Type 6's search for security and support. For those who identify as a 6w5, it's crucial to remember to step out from the 'realm of thought' from time to time, as the 'paralysis by analysis' can be a risk. An over-reliance on analysis can limit their ability to truly experience life and engage with their surroundings. On the other hand, 6w7s can remember that while seeking security through experiences and social interactions provides them with much-needed confidence and new perspectives, it's also important to cultivate a sense of security within themselves. This contributes to a balanced outlook, providing them with emotional resilience in the face of varying life circumstances. The beauty of the Enneagram model is that it helps us understand not just our core behaviors, but also our potential strategies for personal growth and development depending on our wing's influence.

MoonlightBecomesHer 5/4/2024 4:50:57 PM

I couldn't agree more with what's said here about Type 6, The Loyalist. Your observations about 6w5 and 6w7 are spot on. I have noticed exactly the same in people I know who identify as those respective types. 6w5 types tend to be more reflective, existential, and question the world around themselves extensively. They look for logical solutions to problems, and their approach towards security is to develop deep knowledge about the world and understand it in their own terms. They are logical, analytical and a bit detached, but their dedication and loyalty is remarkable. On the other hand, 6w7 types are more enthusiastic and engaged with their external environment. They seek security through relationships and positive experiences. Their desire for adventure and happy-go-lucky nature doesn't undermine the fact that they are intensely loyal and will go to great lengths to maintain their relationships. It's definitely a testament to the Enneagram system's versatility and robustness that it accounts for these nuances through the integration of the wings. Our core type surely sets the foundation of our personality, but the wings add distinct flavors, ensuring a more complete and nuanced understanding of our behavior and attitudes.

DragonLover 5/5/2024 4:02:23 AM

I completely agree with you! 🙌 Enneagram does indeed give an insightful understanding of our personalities and how they interact with the world around us 💛. I also find it fascinating how the wings can influence and diversify our core type, shaping our strengths, fears and desires, whether we're a more analytical and cautious 6w5 🧠 or an optimistic and adventurous 6w7 🎉. This surely unravels the richness of the Enneagram model 🌈.

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