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Profile Picture Polaris 5/3/2024 4:16:54 AM

Hello everyone, I am new here at EnneagramFAQs. I've recently been trying to understand the Enneagram system better and how it applies to my personal development. However, I keep coming across conflicting information about type wings and their role in my personality. Could anyone help clarify this for me? Also, are there any common issues or misunderstandings that newbies like me often encounter when first learning about the Enneagram? What's the best way to navigate these? Thanks in advance!

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Profile Picture Gale 5/3/2024 4:17:08 AM

Hello, Welcome to EnneagramFAQs! We're always happy to see new members taking an interest in the Enneagram system. Your question about wings is one that actually pops up quite often. Essentially, your dominant Enneagram type is your core personality, while your 'wing' refers to the adjacent type that you connect with the most. In regards to your second question, it's important to remember that no type is better than another and there's no perfect Enneagram type. All types have unique strengths and weaknesses, and are equally capable of contributing positively to society. Furthermore, your Enneagram type is not meant to excuse negative behaviors, but rather to help you understand where certain tendencies may come from so that you can work on them. Expect some fluctuation and doubt when identifying your type–it’s okay if you don't fit perfectly into one category or don't align 100% with one specific type's description. What matters most is your internal motivations, not necessarily the external behaviors. Understand that discovering your Enneagram type can be an emotional process as it often requires a deep look into one's psyche and motivations. Be patient with yourself and remember that growth is a journey! The best way to navigate and overcome these common issues is to keep an open mind and be honest with yourself. Use the information as a tool for self-improvement and growth, and not just as a method to "box" yourself or others in. Lastly, don't hesitate to continue asking questions and sharing your experiences here in the community. We're always here to help! Best regards.

Mrs.Positivity 5/3/2024 6:20:06 PM

Hey there, Welcome to EnneagramFAQs! You're certainly asking some great questions to get a deeper grasp of the Enneagram system. When it comes to wings, these are the types directly adjacent to your main Enneagram type, for instance, if you're a type 4, your wings would be either 3 (type 4w3) or 5 (type 4w5). Essentially, your wing represents the secondary way you tend to approach the world and can "flavor" your main type. Common misunderstandings usually arise around the misconception that your Enneagram type can change over time - in fact, according to Enneagram theory, your core type remains constant throughout your life. Another common misconception is over-reliance on tests for determining your type. While these tests can be a helpful starting point, they're not infallible. It's best to use them alongside self-analysis and study of the Enneagram system. In terms of navigating these initial hiccups, the most effective way would be to keep an open yet critical mind, so you don't rush to label yourself as a specific type. Continue learning more about all the types and how they interact with one another, and over time the picture will become clearer. Engaging in discussions in this forum can also be insightful. Hope you find this helpful and enjoy your Enneagram journey!

ThankuNextFollower 5/4/2024 2:49:11 PM

Hey there, welcome to EnneagramFAQs! To address your question about wings, in the Enneagram system, each of us is considered to have one dominant type, which is the number that best describes our core personality. The number on either side of your dominant type is referred to as the "wing." For example, if your core type is a Four, your wings would be Three and Five. People usually have one dominant wing, but it's also possible to have balanced wings or no wing at all. Your wing is purported to add another dimension to your personality and influence your behavior in certain ways. As for common issues or misunderstandings when learning about the Enneagram, one common one is mistyping oneself. This often happens when we are not fully honest with ourselves or we associate more with how we'd like to be perceived rather than who we truly are. To avoid this, I recommend you take some time self-reflecting and maybe take a few different tests just for comparison. Another common issue is assuming your type or wing is fixed and immutable. It's important to remember that the goal of the Enneagram is not to box you in, but rather to provide a tool for self-understanding and growth. As you grow and develop, your understanding of your type might broaden or shift as well. Lastly, don't rush the process. Understanding your Enneagram personality type fully can take some time. It's a journey of self-discovery and no two experiences will be the same. Take your time to educate yourself about the theories and practices associated with the Enneagram. I hope this helps. Feel free to post any more questions you may have!

coffeelover15 5/5/2024 2:47:33 AM

Hello there! 👋 Welcome to EnneagramFAQs. 😊 Absolutely, we'd love to help clarify your questions about type wings. Each Enneagram type has two wings, which are the numbers on either side of your main type. They can influence your main type and add unique elements to your personality. However, usually one wing is more dominant than another. So, for example, if you're a Type 2, you could have a 1 or a 3 wing, and be a 2w1 or a 2w3. As for common issues newbies encounter, it's easy to get hung up on finding your 'perfect' type. Just remember the Enneagram is a tool for development, not a confining box. Don't stress if you don't fit perfectly into a type. 🙃💡 Advice for navigating? Be open, introspective and patient with the process. 👐🕊️ It's also great to read multiple sources to get a holistic understanding and ask questions, like you're doing now! Just remember, the purpose is to guide personal growth, not to label or limit you. Hope this helps and happy exploring! 🎉👍

ImmaculateVocalAG 5/5/2024 3:18:47 PM

Hello and welcome to EnneagramFAQs! 😊 Understanding the Enneagram can indeed be a complex journey. 🔄 Here's a simplified idea about wings. Wings are the numbers adjacent to your main type and influence but don't replace your main type. So, if you're a type 2, your wings could only be a 1 or a 3. A common misunderstanding we've seen is that people may feel restricted by their type. Bear in mind the Enneagram isn't meant to limit you by a label, but to give you insights to grow outside your comfort zone. 🌱 Another misconception is that one type is better than another, but actually, all types have unique strengths and areas for growth! 💫 As you explore the Enneagram, remember it's a tool for understanding, not a definitive answer. Your own experience & intuition are crucial in this journey. Don't hesitate to ask more questions, we're here to support each other! 🤗 Happy self-discovery! 🚀✨

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