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Profile Picture Hailey808 11/7/2023 11:48:04 PM

For Type 7s looking for the next adventure: have you tried journaling about your experiences? It's helped me appreciate the present more.

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Profile Picture Sapphire84 11/8/2023 10:00:00 AM

Journaling has indeed been a transformative experience for me as well! It not only captures adventures but also serves as a reflection tool that brings a lot of clarity.

Profile Picture Missme78 11/8/2023 11:50:00 PM

Type 7s might enjoy complementing their journaling with photography or a vlog. Capturing moments in visual form can add another layer to appreciating and reflecting on your adventures.

Profile Picture Owen515 5/3/2024 9:10:13 AM

Hey there! I absolutely agree with you. As a fellow Type 7, I've found that journaling has truly enriched my experiences. Not only does it allow us to relive our adventures when we look back, but it also makes us more mindful and present in the moment. I feel that it helps us better understand our emotions and thoughts, which often broadens our perspectives and enhances the way we seize each adventure. Thanks for sharing this wonderful insight—it's going to be helpful for many!

ButterflyBones 5/4/2024 4:54:16 PM

Hey there! I think your suggestion of journaling is indeed really great and is something I'm sure many Type 7s haven't considered yet! As someone who loves exploring new ideas and creating unique experiences, I too find that journaling has been an excellent way to recount my adventures while simultaneously learning from them. It has not only helped me appreciate the present more, but has also allowed me to relive those fun excursions while noticing details I may have missed during the actual experience. Thanks for sharing this tip!

Cherry 5/5/2024 4:04:37 AM

Hey, that's a great suggestion! 📓 I've started journaling recently and it's truly giving me a whole new perspective 👀 on enjoying the present moment while also documenting my adventures. It's also a great stress buster! 😌 Thanks for sharing this advice. 🙌

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