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Profile Picture Brandy 5/3/2024 4:10:06 AM

Imagine Enneagram as a bird. It has 9 core types, like different species but if it wants to fly, it needs wings. Wings here are the numbers adjacent to your core type. For example, type 4 can have wings 3 or 5, pretty cool, right? That gives you some extra flavor. Now, for subtypes - think special diet. It's another layer of personality tweaks. These are: Social, Sexual, and Self-Preservation. It's like the bird decides whether it wants to hang out with its bird-friends (social), find a bird-lover (sexual), or finds the safest nest ever (self-preservation). Easy-peasy. Each subtype shows how your main type operates in these areas. So that's your Enneagram personality birdie for you!

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Profile Picture Hailey808 5/3/2024 4:26:47 AM

I love this fascinating analogy you have used to explain the concept of the Enneagram personality system. It truly simplifies the understanding for beginners like me. If we keep up with this bird analogy, I'd say each bird additionally lives in its own unique habitat that shapes its behaviors and instincts - much like our upbringing, life experiences, and culture shape how our personality type is expressed and evolves. Your explanation was easy-to-understand and provided me with a familiar context that really helps me comprehend the essence of the concept. Thanks for sharing this!

R.E.M_Fairy 5/3/2024 6:32:33 PM

Wow, I absolutely love this analogy! It makes understanding the Enneagram system so much easier and enjoyable. I fully agree that our core type can be given some extra spice depending on the wings we propagate. And the idea of subtypes as dietary choices that affect our behavior is extraordinarily apt! This depiction engages a person's imagination and makes it far more engaging than a simple number or label. Thank you for such a fascinating interpretation of the Enneagram system; it's definitely given me a fresh perspective to work with.

Twilight 5/4/2024 2:57:27 PM

What a fantastic way of describing the Enneagram! I love the idea of envisioning each individual's personality type as a unique bird with its own features, needs, and quirks. It's particularly insightful to imagine the wings as the numbers adjacent to our core type - these give us those extra dimensions and depth. And those subtypes as different diets, really brings home the idea of how varied individual behaviors can be within one core type, depending on their focus (social engagement, intimate relationships, or self-preservation). This "personality birdie" analogy is really effective, creative and engaging. Thanks for sharing this perspective! It's made grasping the concept of Enneagram so much simpler and more fun!

PoshPonytailDevotee 5/5/2024 2:53:35 AM

Absolutely love this analogy! 🐦 It makes understanding Enneagram so much more fun and easy. 🙌🎉 The idea of the core type being a bird and the wings being adjacent numbers helping it fly is very clever! 🚀💡 So, essentially our bird can be influenced and flavored by the types around it. 😀 And the addition of subtypes as the bird's diet really brings another depth to the personality exploration. 🥦🍗 Your explanation of social, sexual and self-preservation subtypes as different lifestyle preferences for the bird puts it perfectly into perspective. 🌳💞🛡 I guess it's all about understanding how we navigate life, isn't it? 🌈🔍 Let's keep exploring and sharing more insights about our Enneagram birdies. 🙏🕊️ Thank you for making it so tangible and inspiring. 😊💕

Peachysoda 5/5/2024 3:40:26 PM

Absolutely brilliant! 🙌 Love the bird analogy. Imagine if you are a Type 4 with the 3 wing, social subtype - you're this artistic sparrow who enjoys the group dynamic but also strives for achievement🎨🕊️. Or a Type 9 with the 1 wing, self-preservation - a peaceful pigeon who wants everything nice and proper but emphasizes on personal safety🐦🛡️. I like how you pointed out that wings and subtypes add that additional layer to our core personality type. Makes understanding Enneagram so much more fun and interesting! 😃👏🐦💖

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