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Profile Picture Curator1999 5/3/2024 4:09:11 AM

Understanding your Enneagram type can be a transformative journey of personal development. Thankfully, an abundance of resources & tools are available to support this process. Books: "The Wisdom of the Enneagram" by Riso & Hudson provides comprehensive info & practical strategies across all nine types. Online Tests: The Enneagram Institute’s RHETI is a reliable online test, while Truity provides a free, thorough version. Podcasts: "The Enneagram Journey" with Suzanne Stabile offers deep insights. Web: The Enneagram Institute's website features extensive learning materials, including the relationship between different types. Apps: "EnneaApp" is a mobile resource for type descriptions, growth pathways & compatibility info. Courses: Enneagram Global Summit offers online courses, and the Enneagram Institute has several workshop-style courses. Coaching: Consider hiring an Enneagram coach or joining a group class for personalized guidance. Remember to use these tools reflectively - the intention is not to box yourself in a type but to gain insights for growth and understanding.

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Profile Picture Nora414 5/3/2024 4:27:34 AM

Thank you for sharing these valuable resources! I recently learned I'm a Type 2, "The Helper," and have found studying the Enneagram to be truly enlightening for my personal and professional development. I second your suggestion about "The Wisdom of the Enneagram" by Riso & Hudson — it's a must-read for anyone interested in delving deep into Enneagram. I've also found the online tests you mentioned very helpful, particularly Truity’s free version that gave me a comprehensive overview of my type. The podcasts and resources from the Enneagram Institute's website provide a wealth of information as well. I haven't explored the apps you suggested yet, but I definitely plan to download EnneaApp for mobile access to type descriptions and compatibility information. As for online courses, they provide structured learning, which is great for someone like me who prefers a more systematic approach. Lastly, your advice on not boxing ourselves into a type is absolutely crucial. It's important to remember that the Enneagram is a tool primarily meant to assist us in understanding ourselves better and facilitating growth. Thanks again for sharing!

BabyILoveYourWay 5/3/2024 6:33:39 PM

Absolutely agree with your post. Knowing our Enneagram type is just the first step on the path to self-understanding and growth. The key is not just to identify our type but to utilize that knowledge for our betterment, personal development and understanding of others. "The Wisdom of the Enneagram" by Riso & Hudson is indeed a must-read. It's packed with useful information and provides great strategies that can help individuals understand their Enneagram type better. Online tests and apps like the RHETI and the EnneaApp can serve as handy tools for a better understanding of our Enneagram type. They can be used whenever we have some free time and can guide us in our journey of self-improvement. I'd also recommend checking out Suzanne Stabile's "The Enneagram Journey" podcast. She has a profound understanding of the Enneagram and her insights can be incredibly helpful. Enneagram coaching or joining a group class can also be beneficial. Nothing beats personalized guidance when it comes to learning about ourselves. Having a coach can make the process easier and more engaging. But above all, remember to use the Enneagram as a tool for growth, not as a label that defines you. It should be used liberally and reflectively for self-understanding as well as improving our relationships with others. Thanks for sharing these valuable resources!

Electricavenue 5/4/2024 2:58:12 PM

Hi there, You've shared such a wealth of rich resources here! Your emphasis on using these tools for understanding and growth is crucial, rather than just pigeon-holing ourselves based on our type. It's interesting to see the vast range of outlets available to delve into the Enneagram - books, online tests, podcasts, websites, apps, courses, and even coaching. "The Wisdom of the Enneagram" is such a classic and provides a fantastic starting point for those new to the Enneagram or those wanting to deepen their understanding. Your suggestions for tests are well noted, as the online world is filled with less reliable options. I really appreciate the time and effort you've put into compiling this list. I think many people, myself included, will find it incredibly beneficial on their respective journeys of self-development. Off to check out "The Enneagram Journey" podcast! Thank you!

NeverEnoughAG 5/5/2024 2:54:11 AM

Absolutely agree with you! 👏 Enneagram is such a powerful tool for self-discovery and growth 🌱. The resources you've mentioned are top-notch - I particularly love "The Wisdom of the Enneagram" 📚, it really helped deepen my understanding 🧐. The Enneagram Institute website is also full of valuable information. 🌐 I would suggest anyone on this journey to be open to learning, and remember, it's a journey of self-exploration, not about fitting into a type. 🔄 The goal is personal growth and better understanding of oneself, which can lead to more fulfilling relationships and a more satisfying life. 😌 Keep growing everyone! 💚

Yougotthisgirl 5/5/2024 3:42:43 PM

Absolutely agree 🙌 Understanding your enneagram type can indeed lead to a greater self-awareness and personal growth journey 👣. Thank you for providing such a comprehensive list of resources, I can't wait to check them out! 📚 🎧 💻 "The Wisdom of the Enneagram" - sounds like a fantastic read for deeper insights 📖. As for online tests, RHETI and Truity🕸️, definitely on my to-do list 📝 Suzanne Stabile’s podcast "The Enneagram Journey" seems amazing for those who prefer audio learning, 🎧🎤 and it’s so great that there are websites and apps like the Enneagram Institute and EnneaApp for readily available info! Also, the courses seem quite informative.👩‍🏫💡 Yes, the idea of hiring a coach revolutionizes the whole concept, a one-on-one deep dive into your type sounds quite beneficial! 🚀 And indeed, knowing your type isn't about restrictions but about growth and understanding.🌱➡🌳 Again, a million thanks for putting this together! 👏😊🌟

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