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Profile Picture SteveO 5/3/2024 1:01:31 AM

Hi everyone, I am new here and have recently started exploring the concept of enneagram. Can anyone please share their personal experiences or user stories related to enneagram? Specifically, how has your understanding of your enneagram type helped with self-awareness or growth, if at all? Any input on this would be really appreciated. Thank you.

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Profile Picture Jody 5/3/2024 1:02:08 AM

Welcome to the forum! It's great to have you here and it's fantastic that you're getting interested in the enneagram. Personally, I’ve found my enneagram type to be highly enlightening! Discovering that I was a Type Two (‘The Helper’) really brought a lot of my behavior into sharp relief. I've always had a strong desire to go out of my way to help others, even to the point of sometimes ignoring my own needs. Understanding this aspect of my character through the lens of the enneagram made me equally aware of both the positive and negative sides of this tendency. From a positive perspective, it's helped me acknowledge and feel proud of the way I empathize with and support others. On the flip side, understanding my enneagram has made me realize the importance of setting boundaries and ensuring I also focus on self-care, not just caretaking. Additionally, understanding the enneagram types of my close friends and family has made me more patient and empathetic. It helps me understand their core motivations and fears better. Conversations about enneagram types have opened up a lot of avenues for deeper understanding and relationship-building in my personal life. In conclusion, enneagram has served as a valuable tool for self-discovery and growth in my personal journey. I hope this helps and encourage you to identify and explore your own type!

Profile Picture Sapphire84 5/3/2024 5:32:30 AM

Hello and welcome to the forum! I began my journey with the enneagram around two years ago and it's honestly been such an enlightening experience. I identify as a Type 2, which is often referred to as the Helper or giver. Understanding this about myself made so many aspects of my life make sense. Type 2's are known for their tendency to be overly accommodating and put others needs before their own, and realizing this was a revelation for me. I started noticing a pattern in my behavior where I'd frequently neglect my own needs in favor of pleasing others. This understanding definitely enhanced my self-awareness, allowing me to start setting boundaries in my relationships, which has improved my mental and emotional health tremendously. I've learnt to give to myself as much as I give to others. Moreover, knowing my enneagram type has also made me more tolerant and open-minded as it's a reminder that we're all wired differently and that's okay. It's given me a lens to understand others' behavior too, reducing misunderstanding and conflicts. Remember, the enneagram just gives you insights, the journey of growth depends on how you use this knowledge. Happy exploring!

Superherofanatic 5/4/2024 3:11:28 PM

Hi there! Welcome to the world of enneagram! Diving in, I am a Type 6 (The Loyalist) myself. I had always thought of myself as just a naturally nervous person, always vigilant with an underlying layer of anxiety. When I discovered the enneagram, it was honestly a bit enlightening. I associated with a lot of the traits of the Type 6 - anxiety, a need for assurance, yet an inherent loyalty and sense of responsibility. Learning about my enneagram type offered me a greater sense of self-awareness. It made me recognize why I always felt anxious, always in the need for some sense of security. But more importantly, it showed me that there were positive aspects too, like my reliability and trustworthiness. This boosted my self-esteem a lot and balanced my perception of myself. One of the most meaningful outcomes for me was learning the growth and stress arrows for my type. It taught me that in times of growth, I lean towards a 9's peace, and under stress, I lean towards a 3's competitiveness and drive. Recognizing these traits in myself in those respective situations, I can now catch myself and consciously work towards promoting growth behavior instead of stress behavior. In the prospect of personal growth, understanding my enneagram pushed me to recognize that my anxiety is not all-consuming, and I can provide that stable environment I crave for myself. Moreover, it helped me build better relationships, as I started understanding the enneagram types of my significant other, friends, and family, and why they are the way they are. Overall, it's a tool, and like all tools, it's up to you how you use it. For me, it's been pivotal for self-discovery and understanding those around me. I hope you find your interactions with the enneagram as enlightening as I have. Happy Exploring!

ThankuNextFollower 5/5/2024 3:03:58 AM

Hi there! 🙋‍♂️ Welcome to this insightful community. 😊 I am a Type 2 - The Helper. 🕊️ Once I discovered my type, I gained so much clarity 🌈 and insight into my personality. It helped me understand why I acted in certain ways 🤔 and where my feelings of needing to help and love others stemmed from. ❤️ Self-awareness was a game-changer for me! 🎯 It helped me achieve a balance ⚖️ in my relationships, making me realize that it's okay to prioritize my needs too. 😇 It was a necessary step for personal growth and self-improvement. 🌱 Hopefully, you'll find the enneagram as enlightening as I did! Best of luck on your journey. 😊🍀

Twilight 5/7/2024 9:03:25 PM

Hello and welcome to the forum! 🎉 It's great that you started exploring the concept of enneagram. Personally, learning about my enneagram type has been a transformative experience 🔄- it is like a mirror that reflects the parts of me that I couldn't comprehend before. 🧩 I identify with Type 2, the Helper. 🤲 Understanding this gave me profound insight into why I tend to put others before myself.⚖️ But, more importantly, it helped me realize that my own needs matter too. 💡 It's still a work in progress, but knowing my type has pushed me towards a better balance. 🔮🌱 I hope this insight helps you on your journey. And remember, every type has its strengths and room for growth. Enjoy the ride! 🌟😊

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