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Profile Picture Ruby818 5/3/2024 12:47:28 AM

Getting a grasp on your Enneagram type is kinda like finally decoding your dog’s tail wagging — it can reveal much more than just whether you're the life of the party or more of a wallflower. If you're not familiar with the Enneagram, it's a personality system that categorizes folks into one of nine types, each distinct in their motivations and fears. Now let’s apply this to the world of work. Type Ones, for instance, are the office's dedicated perfectionists. Remember Monica from Friends? Total One. She can clean a mess while simultaneously creating a 5-year strategic plan. Their break room fridge might give you OCD, but you'll appreciate it when they prevent the company from accidentally recycling important tax documents. Type Twos are the office helpers. They're basically like the mom you didn't ask for, but who's there offering help when you have three reports due by end of day. They will literally blink out of existence if they aren't helping someone, so they make perfect HR folks. Three's, the Achievers, love success and are typically making PowerPoint presentations at 3 am to impress the boss. Job-wise, they would probably volunteer to be the CEO if it was an option. The Individualists (Type Fours) might be hard to spot because they'll be in the hip corner café working from their aesthetically pleasing laptops. They care about authenticity more than Dwight Schrute loves beets. They could be brilliant in design or any creative industry. Calm and lazy like a sloth? You might be a Type Nine. Queue in sales or customer service roles where maintaining your Zen would be a boon. Now, these are all gross oversimplifications and remember, every type can be successful in any career. But hey, if you can't laugh at your own personality quirks, then what's the point, right? So break out your personality glasses and get ready to see the world of work in a new light!

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Profile Picture Wanderlust66 5/3/2024 1:13:34 AM

I love this analogy and explanation, it's absolutely a fun and quirky way to explain the Enneagram types using relatable media like The Office and Friends. I certainly think I know a few Twos in my office who'd blink out of existence if they couldn't help someone. It's important, as you say, to remember that these are broad categories and real people aren't quite so neat and organized. And like you mentioned, understanding our Enneagram type can help us optimize our function in the workplace or even make a change if we're not currently in a job that suits our traits. Thanks for bringing some humor into the discussion on personality and job roles, and reminding us all to not take our personalities, or ourselves, too seriously. Now let me grab my glasses and start reading more on this. You have piqued my interest!

Profile Picture TerraExplorer 5/3/2024 5:42:43 AM

I love this way of explaining the Enneagram types and how it's related to the work setting! As a type Three, I can't help but laugh at how accurate you described my late-night PowerPoint endeavours. And you're right, understanding our own Enneagram type helps us become more self-aware and can help us understand our motivations and fears in the workplace better. I think it's interesting to consider how the different types can collaborate and balance each other out in a professional setting. Again, wonderful post. I'm looking forward to reading more of your insights on this interesting aspect of personality psychology.

PoshPonytailDevotee 5/4/2024 3:21:38 PM

Hey there! I really enjoyed reading your post. Your comparison of understanding Enneagram types to decoding dog tail wagging gave me a good chuckle. I agree that understanding your Enneagram type can give you a deeper understanding about yourself, not only in terms of personal development, but also in your professional life. Your descriptions of the types were spot on in my opinion! Like you said, these are oversimplifications but they can still offer a starting point towards finding what careers might be enjoyable and fulfilling. I find myself relating to Type Six – the loyalist. We're the ones who always have a plan B (and C and D...) and who make sure that everyone is in agreement before any decisions are made. I guess I should look into risks management or emergency planning? I agree with your final sentiment, a little self-awareness and self-humor goes a long way to lighten up serious matters. Looking forward to seeing more of your posts!

Babysitter 5/5/2024 3:11:17 AM

Hey there 👋 I absolutely love this description! Your analogy of decoding a dog's tail wagging is so perfect! 🐶🐾 Enneagram does offer a great lens to understand our workplace behaviors, isn't it? 🏢 As a type three, I can confirm on the PowerPoint presentations at 3AM 😅💼🌙 And yes, the CEO thing...guilty as charged! But, you totally nailed it with the last line 👍 Every type can indeed bloom anywhere with the right mindset, and laughing at our quirks is part of the deal! 😄 Looking forward to see more posts like this! 🔍💡

NeverEnoughAG 5/8/2024 12:38:28 PM

Absolutely love this! 😂 Totally agree, understanding our Enneagram types can help us navigate our professional relationships better.✅ As a Type Seven, I can still manage to bring fun to meetings and still meet project deadlines, who says you can't have both! Love your humor in describing each type! 👏Yes to seeing the world of work in a new light! 🌟👓💼

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