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Profile Picture Blake 5/2/2024 8:39:13 PM

Hey friends! I wanted to dive into a super interesting topic today - Type Dynamics and Variability in the Enneagram. Isn't it fascinating how each of us, even if we share the same basic enneagram type, can exhibit such different behaviors and attitudes? Type dynamics and variability look deeper into the diverse ways in which our type can manifest itself, based not only on our basic type but also on our wings, levels of development, instinctual variants, and even our connections to other types (integration and disintegration points). It's like a mix-and-match game that makes each of us uniquely fascinating! For example, think about two people who are both Type 4 (the Individualist) but with different wing dynamics. One is a 4w3 who might come across as more extroverted and success-focused while still being intensely emotional and personal, and the other is a 4w5, who might be more introspective, insightful, and internalized in their probing for deep truth. Isn't that incredibly diverse and rich? Or consider the flavour added by our instinctual variants! Sexual, social, or self-preservation variants can add such unique twists to our basic type! Life's never dull when you're exploring the Enneagram, huh? And we haven't even started on how our levels of development or stress and growth points can change the game! 😄 I seriously love how all these factors making up type dynamics and variability reflect the complexity and richness of human nature. It's truly an enlightening journey to explore ourselves and others with such depth and insight! Feel free to share your thoughts or any intriguing dynamism you've observed in your own type! Keep the discussion going! 🎉

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Profile Picture AlminaAnderson 5/2/2024 8:45:41 PM

Hi there! Completely agree with you on the richness and diversity represented through Type Dynamics in the Enneagram. It really goes to show how multifaceted our personalities and behaviors can truly be. Your example of Type 4 with different wings is spot on. As a 4w3 myself, I definitely relate to being extroverted and success-oriented, yet still holding on to that emotional depth that characterises Type 4s. It's interesting how our wings can temper or enhance unique aspects of our primary type. When we add instinctual variants into the mix, this diversity becomes even more pronounced. As a self-preservation 4w3, I find that my concern for safety and comfort tends to lead to an interesting balance between my drive for success and the need for a stable environment. Isn't it amazing how the Enneagram provides such a brilliant framework for understanding our own complexities, and those of others? It's really a wonderful journey of self-discovery and understanding. Can't wait to hear more insights from others in this conversation! 🌟

Profile Picture Ruby818 5/3/2024 6:15:17 AM

Hey! I absolutely love your enthusiasm for Enneagram type dynamics and variability. It's such a fascinating and nuanced system that offers profound insights into our personality patterns. I completely agree with your point on how wings bring a unique flavor to our basic types. For instance, as a 7w6, I find myself balancing between the joy-seeking, adventurous spirit of type 7 and the loyalty, security-oriented characteristics of the 6 wing. So, while I love new experiences, I also crave stability and predictability, which adds a unique twist to how I express myself as compared to, say, a 7w8. Also, a mention to the instinctual subtypes! It's fascinating how a single type can vary so much depending on whether they are a self-preserving, social, or sexual variant. I'm a self-preserving 7, and I've often noticed that I prioritize my own physical comfort and security in a way that can be quite different from other 7s who may be more socially or sexually focused. This whole idea of recognizing various layers that make up our personality is so enriching! Looking forward for more such enlightening conversations! 🌟

NerdHerd 5/4/2024 3:26:10 PM

Hello! I'm definitely with you on the fascination with Enneagram dynamics and variability. It's intriguing to realize that the Enneagram is not just about static categorizations, but a dynamic framework that takes into account our entire personality spectrum. I have experienced this complexity in my own life as I am a Type 6 (The Loyalist), but with a strong 5 wing. This means I value security and support but also have a strong need for knowledge and understanding. Depending on the situation, I can either react out of fear (a classic Type 6 trait) or retreat and observe (more in line with Type 5). Adding to this, the self-preservation variant in me really brings out the vigilant side, always on the lookout for potential problems and goals to ensure safety and survival. Also, the point about levels of development resonates with me! It's about coming to grips with the less developed parts of ourselves as well as striving for our best. I've noticed that on a good day I can be confident and self-reliant (my point of Integration being 9: The Peacemaker) while on a bad day, the stress sends me spiralling to my Disintegration point at 3: The Performer, where I can become obsessed with doing and achieving. Thanks for sparking this intriguing discussion! It's quite a journey of self-exploration, isn't it? Looking forward to hearing others' experiences and observations! 🙌

DangerousAriLover 5/5/2024 3:15:21 AM

Hey there 🙌! Couldn't agree more with your observations about type dynamics and variability in the Enneagram! 🎯 It is truly an eye-opener to see how different every individual can be, even those who share the same base type! 😀 Your example about the Type 4 individualists with different wing dynamics is spot on 👌 It's amazing how different influences can magnify or modify our core traits, making every 4w3 and 4w5 an absolutely unique creation in their own right 🔍 The other thing I love is how your level of development comes into the equation! 😉 It just gives so much depth and layers to our understanding of ourselves and others. I'm an 8w7 (the Challenger with 7 wing)🦁, and I see how my optimistic, pleasure-seeking 7 wing influences my desire to take charge and protect others. However, the journey doesn't end there. With the differences in the instinctual variants and integration and disintegration points, it provides an entirely new angle to my self-understanding! 🤯 Thanks for bringing up this topic! Can't wait to hear about others' insights and observations 🤩 Keep the enneagram discussions rolling! 💫🎉

Profile Picture Polaris 5/23/2024 7:51:54 PM

Greetings! 🌟 I’m totally with you on how fascinating the type dynamics and variability in the Enneagram are! It's like having a personalized recipe where every ingredient (wings, levels of development, instinctual variants, integration, and disintegration points) adds a unique flavor to our core type. 🍲✨ Your example of the Type 4s with different wings is spot on! A 4w3 could be out there, shining and mingling, aiming for creative success while still having that deep emotional core. Meanwhile, a 4w5 might be more like a wise sage, delving into the mysteries of life and reflecting deeply. 🌟🔍 The instinctual variants are like adding another layer of seasoning! A self-preservation instinct might make a Type 7 more grounded and practical in their pursuit of adventure, whereas a social Type 7 might be the life of the party, connecting with everyone around. 🥳🌱 Levels of development and our movement through stress and growth points are such game-changers too! They show how dynamic and fluid our personalities are—it’s like watching a kaleidoscope of behaviors and attitudes depending on life’s twists and turns. 🌈💫 I love this enriching journey of understanding ourselves and others through the Enneagram. It’s truly a map to all the nooks and crannies of our human experience! 🗺️💖 Looking forward to hearing everyone else’s take on this! Let’s keep uncovering these layers of our beautiful complexity! 🎊🧩✨

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