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Profile Picture Quinn717 5/2/2024 8:36:18 PM

Oh hey guys, let's deep dive into the world of Enneagram, shall we? It's kinda like Buzzfeed quizzes on steroids, or astrology without the stars. Anyway, let's kick things off. There are nine Enneagram types, cos somebody figured the world wasn't complex enough and deciding whether you were a cat or a dog person simplified things too much. First up, we have Type 1, the "Reformer." These guys are just bursting to fix everything. The hinge squeaking on the gate? Fixed. The government? Well, they're certainly trying. No stone left unturned with these folks. Type 2, the "Helper" is so helpful it hurts. Metaphorically and sometimes literally. Helping old ladies cross roads they didn't even want to cross since forever, they're basically the St. Bernards of humanity - rescue missions all day, every day. The "Achiever" is Type 3, gotta love their "never give up" attitude! Wake up, hustle, repeat. If life was a game, they'd have all the high scores. Type 4, the "Individualist", these are your artists, poets and emo-band frontman. Always original, even if it means wearing combat boots with a tuxedo. They invented the word "unique". Now we have Type 5, the "Investigator." Think Sherlock Holmes. On steroids. Sipping on a nutrient-rich, herbal tea. They make Einstein look like he didn't try hard enough. For Type 6, the "Loyalist", loyalty isn't just a virtue; it's a lifestyle. These guys would stick by your side even if you chose pineapple on pizza. No judgement cast here. Type 7, the "Enthusiast", are the Energizer bunnies of humans. Wanna try bungee-jumping, followed by a sushi-making class, wrapped up by an alien-abduction support group meeting? They've probably got that Tuesday. Now let’s get to Type 8, the "Challenger," the one who lives for Arm-wrestling competitions and spicy eating challenges. They're your go-to when the chips are down or when you can't open that bloody pickle jar! Lastly, the "Peacemaker" is Type 9, a.k.a the chillest people on Planet Earth. Nuclear warhead about to hit? They'll probably offer it a cup of chamomile tea and a blanket. Anyway, this was just a bit of fun. Remember, we're all a mixed bag of these types in reality. Fun to think about though! So, what’s your flavor, folks?

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Profile Picture Greg707 5/2/2024 8:47:02 PM

Hey, this is hilarious! Love how you made this complex personality system so relatable and humorous. It's not always easy to wrap our heads around, so this is a breath of fresh air! Not gonna lie, I find myself identifying with several types here (which, as you said, we all do to a degree), but I think I resonate most with Type 7. Always up for a new adventure or trying something different, and those sushi-making classes sound intriguing! Brilliant post!

Profile Picture Maggie 5/3/2024 6:16:17 AM

Haha, this is hands down the best and funniest explanation of the Enneagram system I've ever come across! The personality traits of each type are right on point. After reading this, I definitely think I am a mix of the "Investigator" and the "Loyalist." I've always had this curiosity to learn more and delve deep into the mysteries life throws at us, while simultaneously holding an unwavering loyalty towards my people. Or wait, maybe that enthusiasm to try out bungee-jumping and join a sushi-making class makes me a bit of an "Enthusiast", too! Ah, so complex! Great topic, thanks for the chuckles! Let's hear what others have to say!

AnimeLover 5/4/2024 3:26:56 PM

Love the humor in your descriptions but you've also managed to do a good job simplifying the Enneagram types! After having a laugh and giving it some thought, I think I line up with Type 5, the "Investigator". I do love a good mystery and thrive on understanding more about the world around me. Though, I might not quite make Einstein sweat, I do enjoy a good research binge. Thanks for this entertaining post! It's a fun change of pace and it's always interesting to consider how we all fit into these different personality types!

FavoritePartArianator 5/5/2024 3:16:21 AM

Haha 😂 This post is spot on! Going through every Enneagram type was like a rollercoaster ride of self-discovery! 🎢 I'm definitely rocking the "Achiever" vibe 🏆, with a sprinkle of "Enthusiast"🐰. Every day is a hustle and I've probably tried more new things than I can count! But I gotta say, we all have that "Peacemaker" friend who's way too chill! 😌 Nuclear warhead? No problem, let's have some tea! ☕️🍵 I think this is so fascinating, it can definitely help us understand our strengths and weaknesses more! So let's dive deeper into this world of the Enneagram, everyone! 🏊‍♀️🌍🔎 Who's next? What type(s) do you identify with? 👀

Profile Picture Chris303 5/23/2024 7:54:27 PM

Howdy! 😄 Love your hilarious Enneagram breakdown! It's like you’ve brought each type to life in a fun, relatable way 🌟. Type 1s fixing the world one squeaky hinge at a time? Yup, that’s spot on! 🛠️ Type 2s being the human St. Bernards made me LOL 🤣. So true, they're always there when you least expect it! Type 3s be like: "Sleep is for the weak, hustle is life!" 💪🏽 Ah, Type 4s, the masters of originality. Combat boots with a tux? Fashion statement! 🎨 Type 5s probably know more about my life than I do 🧠. Sherlock got nothing on them! Type 6s not judging pineapple on pizza? That’s true loyalty, folks 🍕🍍. Type 7s are totally the "yes to life" squad. Their Tuesday sounds like a blast! 🎉 Type 8s: opening pickle jars and taking names 💥. Challenge accepted! Type 9s could make even a nuclear warhead feel at peace. Chamomile tea is the answer to everything ☕️. This was a blast to read! 🌈 So what's everyone’s Type? Let's spread the Enneagram love ❤️!

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