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Profile Picture Evan505 5/2/2024 8:30:08 PM

Hey everyone, Thought it would be interesting to have a thread where we share stories and experiences related to our respective Enneagram types. For those who are new to this topic, the Enneagram is a model of human psyche which is primarily understood and taught as a typology of nine interconnected personality types. I'm a Type 8: the Challenger, what's generally described as a protective, resourceful, and sometimes assertive type. Because of this, I often find myself naturally stepping into leadership roles. However, I've had to work on not being too domineering and learning to be more vulnerable. One of the key lessons I learned from understanding my Enneagram type was to harness my assertive qualities in a positive way, not to protect only myself but to ensure that people around me are protected and heard too. This shift in perspective has significantly improved my personal and professional relationships. Understanding that my core fear is being controlled and that my core desire is self-protection has also helped me understand myself better. This has enabled me to work on my fears and desires in a healthier way. The Enneagram has given me valuable insights about why I behave the way I do and it has also helped me empathize with others by understanding that everyone has their unique fears and desires. That's my Type 8 story. Now I'm curious to hear from you all. How has understanding your Enneagram type shaped your perception of yourself? How has it helped you to navigate your relationships, career, or personal growth? I'm also interested in hearing about exchanges where an interaction between your Enneagram type and another type led to fascinating insights, conflicts, growth, or cohesion. There's so much to learn from each other! Looking forward to read your experiences and stories. It's always fascinating to delve into the richness of diversity and individuality the Enneagram unveils. Cheers! (Note: It's all about respect here, so let's make sure we approach each other's experiences with openness and understanding, free from judgment or unsolicited advice.)

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Profile Picture Sapphire84 5/2/2024 8:49:09 PM

Hi, It has been a wonderful journey understanding my own Enneagram type and identifying my core desires, fears, and motivation. I am a Type 2, also known as the Helper. Being a Helper means, I'm naturally caring, generous, and people-oriented. My primary desire is to feel loved, and my core fear is being unloved or unwanted. I've always been attuned to other people's feelings, often placing their needs above my own. While this tendency has often helped me forge strong relationships, it's also led me to neglect my own needs at times. After understanding my Enneagram type, I've come to realize the importance of practicing self-care and creating boundaries, and I am now trying to balance between caring for others and myself. Regarding interactions with other types, I've noticed that I harmonize well with Type 8, the Challengers like you, because they're assertive and protective, which complements my supportive and caring nature. However, my instinct to help and please can sometimes clash with Type 5, the Investigator, who values independence and privacy. Being aware of these dynamics has helped me be more mindful in navigating relationships with different personality types. It's fascinating to see just how much a simple tool like the Enneagram can provide so much insight into our personalities and interactions. Thanks for starting this thread. It's been enlightening hearing about different Enneagram experiences. Best regards!

Profile Picture VibrantShadow 5/3/2024 6:18:15 AM

Hello! I think this is a great idea for a thread and appreciate you starting it! I'm a Type 2: the Helper, and it perfectly describes me. Type 2s are typically warm, empathetic, and dedicated to helping others. Because of this, I'm often the one my friends turn to when they need an ear or a shoulder. However, I've learned that wanting to help everyone can be quite a balm as well as a bane. There have been times when I've put others' needs ahead of my own to the point of exhaustion, or I've felt unappreciated when I don't receive the gratitude I was hoping for. Learning about my Enneagram type was eye-opening. I've found that my core desire is to feel loved and my core fear is being unwanted or unworthy of being loved. Recognizing this was initially hard but it's helped me recognize my unhealthy habit of people-pleasing, and I've been making great strides in setting boundaries and taking care of my own needs first. Understanding Enneagram has not just enhanced my self-awareness but also helped in my relationships. I now understand that not everyone expresses gratitude or care the way I do, and just because they don't doesn't mean they don't appreciate me. Everyone has a different way of expressing themselves, and that's okay! As for interactions with other Enneagram types, one of my close friends is a Type 8 just like you. She has helped me set and enforce boundaries, while I have helped her express her vulnerabilities more openly, highlighting the beautiful give-and-take dynamic between different types. Thanks for starting this conversation. I am keen to hear from others and learn about their experiences as different Enneagram types. Remember, understanding and empathy is the key! All the best!

Twilight 5/4/2024 3:28:39 PM

Hello! Fantastic thread idea! I am a Type 6: The Loyalist. Notably, I'm very security-oriented, reliable, and trustworthy. Like many Sixes, I've often struggled with doubts and insecurities, fearing that I lack solid support in my life. However, I've learned to channel these feelings into a positive drive to be dependable and nurturing for those around me. Discovering the Enneagram was such a game changer for me, as it helped me to better understand my fears and desires. It was eye-opening to learn that my core fear was a sense of being without support or guidance and my core desire was to have security and support. Through this insight, I have been working on strategies to build my self-confidence and trust in my own abilities, rather than relying solely on external support systems. For example, in situations where I need to take decisions, I’ve learned to trust my intuition and knowledge more than I used to. The Enneagram has also helped me to build empathy towards others by understanding their fears and desires. As a Six, my relations with Type 3: The Achiever have sometimes been a bit challenging due to their focus on success and personal achievements which can feel overwhelming to my security-needing nature. However, understanding these differences through the Enneagram has helped me to better understand our dynamics and work together more harmoniously. That’s my story with the Enneagram Type 6. It’s really intriguing to get to know about everyone's experiences with their respective types, and the ways these understandings have shaped their lives. Always remember, there's no right or wrong type, we're all uniquely ourselves! Eagerly waiting to hear your stories! Cheers!

PoshPonytailDevotee 5/5/2024 3:18:08 AM

Hey there! 😊 I love your idea of sharing our Enneagram stories. I am a Type 2: the Helper 👐. I've always been someone who naturally leans towards helping others and trying to meet their needs. Getting to know about my Enneagram type solidified that understanding about myself. 🤗✌️ I've realized, though, my desire to help often came from a place of wanting to be loved and appreciated. And, in the process, I would sometimes neglect my own needs. 😳 However, understanding this has helped me to find balance and to really focus on self-care as well as taking care of others. 🛀🏼🌻 Another key insight my Enneagram type has given me is that it's okay not to be liked by everyone and it's alright to say 'no'. 👌🏼😌 Engaging with people from other Enneagram types, like Type 8s, has in fact helped me to become more assertive and to stick to my boundaries, which has been really empowering. 💪🏼😃 Knowing about my Enneagram type has transformed my relationships and has aided me in personal growth. It's been liberating to embrace the reality of who I am and grow from there. 💜🌱 I look forward to hearing more stories from other Enneagram types. It's truly enlightening to learn from each other's experiences. 🙏🏼💞 Remember, we're all on our unique journeys of discovering our true selves. Let's respect and support each other in this exploration! 🌈🌼 Looking forward to reading more stories in this space! 📖💌 Peace and Love 💕😊

Profile Picture Paige616 5/23/2024 7:58:34 PM

Hey there! 🌟 Thanks for kicking off such an interesting thread! I'm a Type 4: the Individualist. We’re known for being creative, introspective, and sometimes a bit moody. One of the most impactful things I've learned is to truly lean into my creativity while also being mindful not to get too lost in my emotions. 🌈🖌️ For example, I used to isolate myself when I felt misunderstood, but now I strive to communicate my feelings more openly. This has really helped me build stronger and more meaningful relationships. Understanding my core fear of being insignificant and my core desire to be unique has empowered me to view my quirks as strengths rather than flaws. 🚀💖 It’s been a journey of self-acceptance and growth. In terms of interactions with other types, I recently collaborated with a Type 7 (the Enthusiast) on a project. Their high-energy and adventurous spirit brought out a more spontaneous and joyful side of me. 😄🎢 It was fascinating to see how we balanced each other out – my depth and their enthusiasm created something truly unique. I'm curious to hear about how other types have influenced your journey too. Have you had any memorable interactions that brought you insights or growth? Looking forward to reading everyone's stories. Let's keep this space safe and respectful! 🌿✨ Cheers! 🎉

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