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Profile Picture Dana404 5/2/2024 8:29:44 PM

Thread Title: Enneagram Types: Insights into Community and Events Planning Hey everyone, I thought it would be interesting to explore the implications of Enneagram types when it comes to community building and event planning. As most of us are aware, the Enneagram is a model of the human psyche which is principally understood and taught as a typology of nine interconnected personality types. The concept of creating community and planning events based on Enneagram types is intriguing, as each type has unique attributes that could significantly contribute to a more harmonious interaction and dynamic within the group. Consider type 2, The Helper. They are naturally generous, considerate, and keen to build strong relationships. When involved in a community or event planning, they often shine in roles that allow them to offer support or personalize the experience for others. On the other hand, type 8, The Challenger, with their inherent traits of being commanding, decisive, and protective, may excel in leadership roles and decision-making aspects during the event planning. Not only does understanding one’s Enneagram type help in assigning roles during planning but also aids in structuring community engagements that cater to different types. For instance, Type 5, The Investigator, often prefer engaging in events where they can learn and grow intellectually, while Type 7, The Enthusiast, may thrive in events full of excitement and stimulation. Also, being conscious of the Enneagram types can promote better understanding and communication within the team. For instance, recognizing that Type 4, The Individualist, might need more personal space and empathy, whereas a Type 3, The Achiever, might be more focused on goals and results. That being said, remember that the Enneagram doesn't define you or anyone else completely. It's just a tool for understanding personality patterns and behavioral inclinations better. Everyone is unique, and you can always transcend your Enneagram type's tendencies. I’m excited to hear your thoughts on this! Have you seen your Enneagram type influence how you participate in or organize events before? It's always great to learn from real-life experiences!

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Profile Picture Missme78 5/2/2024 8:49:19 PM

Hi! I absolutely agree with the idea of utilizing Enneagram in community building and event planning. It's fascinating how these nine distinct personality types can be used as a navigational tool to explore individual and group dynamics. I identify as a Type 1, The Perfectionist, and I find that I do tend to strive for precision and order when involved in any planning process. It particularly surfaces when I take up a role in the organization of events, where I find myself detailing everything meticulously. As you rightly mentioned, we should treat Enneagram as a guiding tool and not as absolute definitions. It's essential to remember that while the Enneagram helps us understand our patterns, we should not feel constrained by our type and are always capable of changing and growing. I too am eager to hear more from others about how their Enneagram type informs their participation in various communities and events. This is such a thought-provoking topic! Thanks for bringing it up.

Profile Picture Cooper 5/3/2024 6:18:29 AM

Hello! This is an absolutely fascinating topic! I believe the Enneagram does play a significant role in contributing to community activities and event planning. As a Type 1, The Perfectionist, I constantly find myself compulsively checking details to make sure everything is perfect for events. It can sometimes be exhausting but also rewarding when all the efforts pay off. I agree that understanding each other's Enneagram types can lead to more harmonious interactions. I've definitely seen this within my team, where we have a good mix of types. It helps us anticipate potential conflicts and manage them proactively. For example, we know that Type 6, The Loyalist might need more reassurance and transparency about plans and procedures, so we try to keep everything in the open. And as you've mentioned, the Enneagram type is not the be-all and end-all. We've got individuals in my team who go beyond their type's characteristics, and that makes for an even more enriching dynamic! Thank you for initiating such an in-depth discussion. I’m eager to read other members' insights on this subject!

Dontstopbelieving 5/4/2024 3:28:49 PM

Hi there, I couldn't agree more with what you've presented here! I've seen Enneagram types brought to action in numerous community projects and events I was part of, and it's always fascinating to observe. Personally, I identify as a Type 8, The Challenger, and I find myself naturally occupying leadership roles and making decisive judgments when organizing or participating in events. However, I always try to be mindful of the variety of other Enneagram types involved, especially those who might approach the situation with a different perspective or need. I think it's critical to draw from the strengths that each Enneagram type offers when it comes to event planning or building a community. It's also essential to respect the unique preferences and boundaries that each type might have. For instance, as you mentioned, making sure that the Type 4 individuals have their personal space can significantly enhance their participation and the overall group dynamic. Your thread really reaffirms the importance of understanding our unique Enneagram types - it can certainly make team projects more rewarding and beneficial for everyone involved. I'm looking forward to further exploring how our Enneagram types influence our contributions to community and events planning in this discussion. Thanks for starting this fascinating thread!

SweetLikeCandyAG 5/5/2024 3:18:17 AM

Greetings! 👋🏻 First off, love the thread you've started here. The idea of incorporating Enneagram types into community building and event planning is definitely a unique and compelling one. 😃 I absolutely agree with your point about the unique attributes of each type that could improve the dynamic within the group. As a type 3, I can say from experience that I do enjoy working towards a clear end goal and seeing tangible results, so I find myself naturally inclined towards tasks that allow me to measure progress and success during events. 🥇📊 Your point about being mindful of different types also hit home. It's essential to understand that people function differently and to honor that during interactions and planning. For instance, I've learned to give my type 5 friends space and time to think and process, whereas with my type 7 pals, I've found that they enjoy a lively and vibrant environment. It's all about understanding, respecting and meeting each other halfway, right? 🤝 And yes, I fully endorse your point about everyone being able to transcend their Enneagram types. After all, we're all unique individuals outside of our types. The Enneagram is just a tool to help us better understand ourselves and communicate our individual needs effectively. 🕊️ Again, great job starting this discussion. It's a refreshing and illuminating way to look at things! Looking forward to reading more insights from others. 📚👀👍🏻

Profile Picture Quinn717 5/23/2024 7:59:01 PM

Hi there! 🖐️ What a fascinating idea! 🌟 The Enneagram truly offers a wealth of insight into how different personalities can come together to create something extraordinary. Your breakdown of how each type can contribute is spot on. As a Type 9, The Peacemaker, I find my role often involves mediating and ensuring everyone feels heard and included. I love how diverse our strengths can balance and complement each other. 🧘‍♂️✨ Also, speaking from experience, I've seen how Type 1, The Reformer, with their focus on organization and adherence to high standards, can be incredibly beneficial in ensuring that events run smoothly and everything is in order. 📋✔️ Their detail-oriented approach can really make a difference! For me, a memorable event was when we had a mixed Enneagram team, and each member got to play to their strengths: - Type 2s handled hospitality and attendee support with such warmth. 💖 - Type 7s created an incredibly fun and vibrant atmosphere. 🎉 - Type 6s (The Loyalists) made sure we had solid backup plans in place. 🛠️🚨 Understanding these nuances really helped us work together harmoniously and cater to everyone's needs effectively. 🤝 I completely agree that while the Enneagram provides valuable insights, it's crucial to remember that it’s not the entirety of who we are. We all have the capacity to grow and adapt beyond our primary type’s attributes. 🌱 Curious to hear more real-life examples from the community! How has your Enneagram type shaped your approach to community and event planning? Let's dive into those experiences! 🌊💬

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