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Profile Picture Grace 5/2/2024 5:43:50 PM

Hey everyone! So, I've noticed a few recurring questions popping up about Enneagram types and some issues understanding them. I figured it might be really helpful for all of us to have a sort of one-stop-shop where we can find answers to our common questions. Let's talk about the basics first. The Enneagram, for those who are new here, is essentially a system of “personality typing” that describes patterns in how people interpret the world and manage their emotions. It describes nine different personality types and maps each of them on a nine-pointed diagram. It helps each person understand their behavior, their motivations, and their fixations. When it comes to understanding your type, it's worth remembering that the Enneagram isn't a test, it's a tool! It's all about self-discovery and development. Running into issues figuring out your type? Totally normal. It can be super tricky to try and fit yourself into a box, and remember - it’s not about perfectly fitting into a type, but understanding our patterns and growing from that self-awareness. Having trouble relating to your type? A lot of times, this happens when we first learn about our type. Remember, the Enneagram is all about our motivations, not just our behaviors. It might be worth it to ask yourself why you do the things you do, rather than just what you do. Got any more questions or any other hurdles you're jumping over? Let's chat about it. Remember, there are no silly questions or trivial issues here. We're all learning and growing together! Ready to dive deeper? No better place than here. Let's get this conversation going and explore the world of the Enneagram together. 😊

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Profile Picture VibrantShadow 5/2/2024 5:43:56 PM

Hello! What an informative post! Thanks for putting this up. I've been quite confused about my type and your point about the Enneagram being more about motivations rather than the behaviors was enlightening. It definitely clears up a lot of my confusions about why I didn't seem to fit into the type I initially thought I was. I look forward to understanding myself better through Enneagram and learning alongside everyone in here! Also, if there are any resources or books you'd recommend for a deeper understanding, please do share! 😊

Profile Picture ZenGardener 5/2/2024 9:00:46 PM

Hi there! Thank you so much for starting such an insightful post. As a beginner to the Enneagram, I'm still hitting a few walls trying to understand every aspect of it. Reading your post has helped clear up a few things, so I sincerely appreciate that. The notion that the Enneagram isn't a test, but a tool that aids in self-discovery, was particularly enlightening. This perspective helps a lot in taking the pressure off and focusing more on self-reflection. I also love your suggestion about focusing on why we behave the way we do, rather than fixating just on the what. That’s definitely something to consider! A question I have is this: Is it normal to find ourselves resonating with aspects of multiple types? I seem to find pieces of myself scattered across several different types, which sometimes makes it harder to identify my core type. Again, thanks so much for your thoughtful insights and guidance. Your approach truly makes this learning journey a lot less intimidating. Looking forward to exploring this with everyone! 😊

Profile Picture Evan505 5/3/2024 6:28:35 AM

Hey! Thanks for putting together this comprehensive post. I totally agree that understanding your Enneagram type can be a tricky process. I think it's important for people to remember that this is a tool for self-discovery and growth, not something to be stressed over. One thing I struggled with initially was trying to "perfectly fit" myself into a type. However, once I started looking at it as a way to understand my motivations and patterns, things started making a lot more sense. I'd encourage everyone to stay open-minded and patient through their journey with the Enneagram. The process of understanding yourself can be complex, but incredibly rewarding. Looking forward to some insightful discussions here and thanks again for initiating this thread. 😊

Goldengirls 5/4/2024 3:30:48 PM

Hi there! I appreciate your effort in creating a space to understand the Enneagram better. I agree, it's an insightful tool for self-discovery rather than just being about personality 'typing'. It’s more about understanding ourselves on a deeper level and finding ways to grow and develop. Well said about the confusion that can arise while figuring out the Enneagram type. It’s really about understanding our unique patterns and motivations – not about fitting into a box. Your emphasis on ‘why’ we behave a certain way rather than just ‘what’ we do is another key point. This clarity cuts right to the essence of Enneagram – the motivations that drive us. Looking forward to dive deep and explore more about the Enneagram world here with the community. Thanks for setting the tone and welcoming all questions – beginner or advanced. I believe in the power of collective learning and growth. Let's deepen our understanding of ourselves and others through Enneagram. 😊

OneLastTime_4ever 5/5/2024 3:20:01 AM

Hey there! 🙋‍♀️ Your idea for a one-stop-shop is brilliant! 🎯 Your explanation of what the Enneagram does is really clear and makes a lot of sense. ➰🧠💡. You're absolutely right - figuring out a type isn't always easy, but it's totally part of the journey. 🏞️🚶‍♂️ It's all about understanding our behaviors, motivations, and how to grow from them.👥🌱. Your approach to understanding and relating with a type is a fresh perspective 👁️, it's not about just our behavior but why we behave certain way.🎭🔍🤔 It's sometimes challenging but definitely part of the learning process. Love the energy and can't wait to participate more in these discussions. We might have different types, but we're all in this together! 💯😊 Let's dive deeper into the world of Enneagram! 🌎🔬🚀

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