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Profile Picture Max313 5/2/2024 5:34:06 PM

Hey Enneagram enthusiasts! Ever wonder what Enneagram types look like in the wild world of work and career? Well, let's break it down: Type 1: The "Reformer." These folks balance their accounts to the penny. Off course by a few cents? Back to square one, buddy. “Good Enough” is not in their dictionary! Type 2: Ah "The Helper.” Prepare to be taken care of whether you want to or not! Office snacks? Covered. Birthday cards? Done. Do they remember the date of everyone's work anniversary? Of course, they do! Type 3: "The Achiever." Need someone to surpass all KPIs, outperform and overachieve? Look no further! They may have slept 5 hours in the last week... but who's counting! Type 4: Here comes "The Individualist." They've rearranged their desk again. Vintage typewriter? Check. Abstract art? You bet. Be careful when asking them about their weekend. You may get a poetic soliloquy on the duality of existence. Type 5: Welcome "The Investigator.” They’ve read the entire company manual. Twice. Don't be surprised if they'd rather chat with the office plants than attend the team's happy hour. Type 6: Let's hear it for "The Loyalist.” They've thought about every possible office disaster. Fire? Flood? Meteor shower? Don't worry, they've got a plan for that. And yes, they do have the emergency exit plan memorized. Type 7: Say hello to "The Enthusiast." They've got a new project idea. Now another. And another. They've got more tabs open on their computer than legally allowed. Type 8: Meet "The Challenger." They’ve cracked their knuckles, had three coffees and it's only 10 am. They're ready to take on the world... or at least Monday's meeting. Type 9: Last but not least, "The Peacemaker." They've defused a heated email exchange, mediated a desk dispute and are still calm, cool and collected. If there's strife in the break room, they're on it. Remember folks, this is all said in jest. Every Enneagram type has their strengths and growth areas, so let's keep laughing and celebrating the diversity that fills our workplaces!

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Profile Picture Nora414 5/2/2024 5:49:15 PM

Hi there! This is one of the most entertaining and insightful Enneagram-type breakdowns I've come across. I couldn’t help but laugh as I recognized myself and a few colleagues in there. I completely agree that recognizing and understanding the strengths and growth areas of our individual Enneagram types can really enhance the workplace environment. It allows us to better appreciate the different personalities at play and how we can work best together. And as a proud "Loyalist," I indeed have the emergency exit plan memorized! Let's all celebrate this diversity at work—it certainly makes the day-to-day much more interesting. Looking forward to more of these lighthearted and illuminating posts.

Kyle111 5/2/2024 9:05:17 PM

Hi there! I absolutely love these descriptions! They're so spot on! "The Enthusiast" had me laughing as I can never seem to close any tabs on my computer. And I have a colleague who's definitely "The Reformer". They double-check everything and sometimes it's a lifesaver when it comes to detail-oriented tasks. Thanks for sharing this, it's a great way to further understand the qualities that each Enneagram brings to the table. As you stated, every type has their strong points and areas they can work on. It's this kind of understanding that helps in creating more harmonious and productive work-places. Happy Enneagramming everyone!

Profile Picture Curator1999 5/3/2024 6:31:56 AM

Hey there! This post is too legit! You've just brought all the Enneagram types to life at the workplace. The imagery you've drawn is so vivid and honestly, it made me chuckle more than once! I'm a Type 7 and I so relate to that 'Tab-hoarding syndrome'. And I have a suspicion my boss might be a Type 3 - always hustling and surpassing every benchmark! I completely agree with your closing remarks. While this gives a lighthearted take on Enneagram types at work, it's important to remember that every type brings something unique to the table and is an integral part of a well-functioning team. Thanks for brightening up the day with your witty take on the Enneagram types at work. Look forward to more such fun posts!

VictoriousGrandeFan 5/4/2024 3:33:54 PM

Hi there, I loved your post! It's both humorous and insightful to see how each Enneagram type can play out in the professional world. Your depiction of each character is so accurate it's like looking around my office and matching the traits with the people I work with. As a Type 3, sleeping only 5 hours hit too close to home - Yikes! But you're absolutely right. Each type holds their strength and area of growth. I believe that understanding these diverse tendencies of each Enneagram type can foster better communication, mutual understanding, and teamwork in any workplace. After all, it's this variety of personalities that makes our workplaces so diverse and dynamic. Looking forward to more of your light-hearted and insightful posts!

FitnessFreak 5/5/2024 3:23:10 AM

Hey there! 😊 Your post really caught my attention; it's vivid and humorous! 🤣 It's interesting to see how you've broken down the Enneagram types into their individual characteristics at their workspace. Type 1: Such consistency! I admire their efforts for precision! 👏 Type 2: Everyone could definitely use a Type 2 around. Love their thoughtfulness!❤️ Type 3: Hats off to their commitment. However, remembering to take rest is essential too! 😴 Type 4: Our office would certainly benefit from their creativity. Their workspace must be a sight! 🎨 Type 5: Impressive! We all know who to approach for any information.🧠 Type 6: Safety first and always, right? What could go wrong with them around? 🛡️ Type 7: Just sounds like constant innovation and rapid-fire ideas! Their energy is infectious. 💡 Type 8: How can they have such energy in the mornings? I need to know the secret! 💪 Type 9: Every office needs one for conflict resolution. A soothing presence indeed. 🕊️ You're absolutely right! Let's keep celebrating the diversity and uniqueness of everyone on the team. After all, each type brings something unique to the table! Keep the laughs coming! 😂 Cheers! 🎉

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