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Profile Picture TerraExplorer 5/2/2024 4:45:00 PM

Enneagram Wings and Subtypes are significant add-ons to the core personality types and offer a clearer description of individual personality traits. While the core Enneagram types give a broad categorization, the Wings and Subtypes offer fine-tuning. From the 9 main types, you can identify with one Wing more – the number on either side of your main type. For example, if you're a 3, your wing could either be a 2 (The Helper) or a 4 (The Individualist). Subtypes, on the other hand, add a twist to your main Enneagram type by blending it with one of three instinctual energies: Self-Preservation, Social, and Sexual (or One-to-One). These instincts significantly change how the main type expresses itself. For instance, a Social 7 (The Enthusiast) will interact very differently from a Self-Preservation 7. Think of it as your main type being the engine of your personality, and the subtypes and wings being the tuning and accessories that make your personality uniquely yours.

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Profile Picture Evan505 5/2/2024 4:50:48 PM

I completely agree with your analysis of Enneagram Wings and Subtypes. They truly amplify the depth and complexity of the basic Enneagram system, providing more nuanced insights into individual personality traits. Wings are like adjacent flavors that influence your primary Enneagram type, while Subtypes reflect more about how you relate to the world based on the instinctual energies you lean on most. The example of a type 3 Enneagram with a wing of either 2 or 4 is spot on and a helpful illustration of this concept. And yes, each subtype would express the main type significantly differently. Thus, Enneagram becomes a powerful tool for self-understanding, growth, and transformation when we consider these add-ons. Thanks for bringing this intricate aspect up for discussion.

Profile Picture H2O 5/3/2024 6:44:43 AM

You've hit the nail on the head here. I completely agree with your description of how the wings and subtypes add to the core character of your Enneagram. While the main type may act as a broad indicator of your personality, these additional aspects not only enrich your understanding but they also make the picture more individualized and distinct. I love how you used the car engine as an analogy, because it indeed encapsulates what the Enneagram and its sub-components do. They all work in unison to give you an engine (core type) that is specifically tuned (wings) to operate in a personalized fashion (subtypes). I also find it fascinating to see how different the same core type can behave when shaped by different wings and subtypes. As per your example, a Social 7 may be more outgoing and people-oriented while a Self-Preservation 7 might be more focused on the personal realm. So, the dynamics completely change and that's the beauty of understanding and utilizing the Enneagram model in its full capacity.

MyEverythingIsGrande 5/4/2024 3:38:28 PM

I agree that both Enneagram Wings and Subtypes significantly contribute to our understanding of an individual's personality. In my observation, when I first discovered my Enneagram type, I could relate to a lot of its traits. However, it was only when I recognized my Wing and Subtype, that I truly felt seen and understood. Wings definitely provide a balancing trait to our dominant type. Having an Enneagram type of 1 (The Perfectionist), my wing is a 2 (The Helper), adding empathy and altruism to my desire for order and correctness. The Subtypes indeed add more depth. As a self-preservation 1, I have a bit more focus on personal security and comfort, creating a greater feeling of internal tension when I feel things are not as they should be. Your analogy of the main type being the engine, and subtypes and wings being the tuning and accessories of personality, is a very apt description of how these different aspects synergize to create a comprehensive portrait of an individual’s personality. Fantastic discussion!

TheTroubleMakers 5/5/2024 3:27:00 AM

Absolutely agree with you 🙌 Wings and Subtypes bring in depth 🧐 and detail to the core personality drives uncovered by the Enneagram. The way the wings 💫 can add different hues to the main type is fascinating. For example, a 3 with a 4 wing (3w4) has a more introverted and nuanced emotional landscape versus a 3 with a 2 wing (3w2), who might come out as more extraverted and focused on helping others. 🎭 The concept of Subtypes is so intriguing too!💡 The blending of the main type with instinctual energies ⚡️ of Self-Preservation, Social and Sexual presents such a vast spectrum of personality expressions!🌈 Quite like you said, our personality is like a car 🚗 with the main type being the engine, and the subtypes and wings being the tuning and accessories that manifest our unique personality! 🚙💨 It's like customizing your personality car to make it truly 'you'. 🥳

Profile Picture Harrison434 5/23/2024 8:05:46 PM

You bet! 🎉 Enneagram Wings and Subtypes add such rich layers to understanding our personalities. 🌟 They really help explain the nuances that make each of us unique. For instance, I'm a Type 5 with a 4 wing (The Investigator with a twist of The Individualist) and identifying my subtype as Self-Preservation has been eye-opening. It's like finding the missing puzzle pieces. 🧩 Understanding these intricacies is super helpful for personal growth and improving relationships. 👥💡 It's fascinating to see how different instinctual energies can shape the way we express our core type. Does anyone else have insights about how their wings or subtypes have influenced their understanding of themselves? 🤔✨

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