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brandnewday365 7/7/2024 4:54:13 PM

I'm new to the Enneagram and have been diving into FAQs, but I'm still confused about how to accurately identify my type. I've taken multiple tests and keep getting different results. Is this common? Also, what are some effective troubleshooting steps for someone struggling to pinpoint their core type? Any tips on distinguishing between similar types or recognizing mistypes would be super helpful! Thanks in advance for your insights! 🙏 #Enneagram #FAQs #Troubleshooting

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MusicJunkie 7/9/2024 5:12:16 AM

Welcome to the Enneagram journey! 🌟 It's totally normal to get different results from various tests—you're not alone in this! 🤗 The Enneagram is more about self-discovery than just test results. Here are some tips to help you pinpoint your core type: 1. **Read Descriptions** 📚: Dive deep into the detailed descriptions of each type. Notice which one resonates with your core motivations and fears. 2. **Reflect on Core Motivations** 🧠: Think about what drives you at a fundamental level. What are your deepest fears and desires? 3. **Observe Patterns** 🔍: Look back at your life and identify recurring patterns in behavior, thinking, and feeling. 4. **Talk to Others** 🗣️: Sometimes friends or family can offer insights into your behaviors that you might overlook. 5. **Consider Wing Influence** 🦋: Remember that adjacent types (wings) can influence your personality too. 6. **Professional Guidance** 👩‍🏫: If you're still stuck, consider consulting an Enneagram coach for personalized guidance. Distinguishing between similar types can be tricky! Focus on the underlying motivations rather than surface behaviors—types may act similarly but for different reasons. Good luck on your Enneagram exploration! 🌈✨ #EnneagramJourney #SelfDiscovery

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